“Stand up straight and stop slouching!”

This is a phrase I often heard as a teenager due to having poor posture.


Stand up straight and stop slouching

Now as an Osteopath I’m always advising patients and the public the benefits of good posture.

  • What is good posture?
  • What is bad posture?
  • How do you improve your posture?

Each individual osteopath has their own way of describing posture, however TED-Ed and Murat Dalkiliç have produced a great video showing the benefits of good posture.

bad-posture-bodytonic-clinic-1-171x300Main points of this video are;

  • Has anyone ever told you “stand up straight”“stop slouching” or “you have bad posture”?
  • When carrying weight is your posture correct?
  • How often do you sit in an awkward position?
  • Muscles can become tight and inflexible with bad posture
  • Muscles have to work harder when you don’t look after having good posture
  • Additional stresses can be increased with bad posture
  • Gravity on the body is always there and having good posture can help
  • Posture which is not optimal can cause muscles to be inhibited and impair bodies ability
  • Using computers can encourage bad posture
  • Using mobile phones can cause issues with bad posture (text neck)

If you would like further advice on the benefits of posture then book an appointment with one of our osteopaths at one of our London clinics.

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