Shibin Vinod BPT, MSc SEM


Shibin is a passionate and an enthusiastic physiotherapist with overall 5 years of hospital based and private clinical experience. He is registered with the HCPC (Health Care Professions Council – 124277) and the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists – 111177). He graduated in 2015 from Ramaiah medical college Bangalore, India with a Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and has been working as a Physiotherapist in a super specialty hospital, catering his services to patient from varied specialties such as MSK (musculoskeletal), sports, intensive care, neurological, cardiorespiratory, oncology and post COVID-19. Additionally he volunteered as a sports physiotherapist for High Performance Sports Institute (HEAL) during marathons and league football matches.

“I love that my career allows me to experience such a wide range of specialities, treat a wide range of conditions and injuries and meet a wide range of people from different cultures and communities.”

Whist in India Shibin provided his services to socially backward communities as part of a community-based rehabilitation, and towards the end of his tenure he was one among the first frontline staff deployed to work in COVID-19 intensive care units and wards, during the first wave of COVID-19 in India. All these experiences have acted as a catalyst to improve the depth of my knowledge and clinical reasoning skills, and it also provided him with a platform to explore more in his field of interest – MSK injuries and conditions.

Shibin is a physio who is really interested in human biomechanics and has always been fascinated by the articulation of structures during locomotion. This enthralling characteristic of body dynamics made him incline towards sport and MSK injuries. To seek further understanding with respect to sport medicine, Shibin moved to the UK in 2020 to do complete a masters in sport and exercise medicine from Manchester Metropolitan University. Whilst in Manchester Shibin was able to continue his professional practice as a MSK physiotherapist at Manchester movement unit. This opportunity helped him adopt and practice techniques in line with his master program and provide services to MSK patients. He was also fortunate to be part of sports clinic, where his services were catered towards sports scholars and athletes from multiple sports such as rugby, football, handball, hockey, and taekwondo.

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“Whilst in Manchester I really got to develop my MSK physiotherapy skills and further develop my interests in sports and exercise rehabilitation. Additionally Manchester was a vibrant and wonderful place to experience.”

Within MSK Shibin’s area of interest involves management of low back injuries, sacroiliac dysfunction, nerve related issues, knee and hamstrings injuries, ACL rehabilitation, patellofemoral disorders, management of ankle injuries, management of shoulder adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), rotator cuff tears and post fracture rehabilitation. Shibin adopts an holistic approach in treating his patients, and he uses a culmination of hands on (manual therapy) and exercise prescriptions along with other modalities. His treatment involves a systematic way of diagnosing the condition or injury and identifying any potential red flags, thereby addressing the dysfunction by means of manual therapy with combined movements. Shibin gives the utmost priority to patient well being and to deliver quality care to the patient in a most comfortable setting.

“Helping patients and relieving their pain and improving their function gives me immense pleasure, and this I believe is the most fascinating part about my profession. I cherish drawing comfort in the fact that I contribute to making people’s lives easier and each day I sleep with a notion of satisfaction of having been able to help someone in need. Moreover, my aspiration is to not just to be a solution for a single problem, but also, a guide for the future and a healer for the past.”

As part of Shibin’s master’s degree, he completed his research project on the “Effects of touch rugby match play on changes in hamstring function”. This was a quantitative study on international and regional touch rugby players. The project was well received by all faculties and will be published soon.

During Shibin’s bachelors & master’s degrees and experience in hospital & private practice, he has gained core competencies and passions in:

  • Management of emergency sports injuries
  • Management of low back injuries
  • Management of knee joint and hamstring injuries
  • Manual therapy
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Deep tissue release
  • Instrument assisted sports massage
  • Joint mobilization
  • Complex ankle injury management
  • Shoulder rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Head injury management and rehab
  • Pulmonary rehab
  • Cerebral palsy and spasticity management
  • Fitness advice and training
  • Exercise’s prescription
  • Athletic training

On a personal note Shibin is a calm and an optimistic person. He likes to spend time with family and friends and he loves travelling. Over the last few years that has been affected by the pandemic. However recently he got an opportunity to solo travel across Scotland and he is looking forward to more adventurous journeys in future. Being from Kerala the land of backwaters, serine misty mountains and wildlife, he likes to enjoy nature in its pure physical form. A long walk through the park or a bike ride through the woods back home helps to energize him to the fullest. Shibin is also a fitness enthusiastic and love training and exercise. He follow’s football, cricket, tennis and recently took interest in MMA and cycling.

Out of many things in his bucket list, watching a cricket match at the iconic Lord’s stadium and watching the three lions at Wembley are two important things Shibin wishes to do in the near future. Shibin continuously strives for excellence in his work, in order to provide the most effective care for all patients and is continuously looking to expand his knowledge in medical acupuncture and shockwave therapy.

Additionally Shibin has completed the following CPD training and has qualifications in:

  • “DART (Disaster Assistance & Response Team)” organized by the Directorate of Home Guards, Civil Defense, Fire & Emergency Services – Karnataka, India – 2013
  • “Manual therapy in a clinical reasoning perspective”- Dr. K Pearlson MPT (Aus) at Padmashree clinic – Nagarbhavi, Bangalore, India 2016
  • “Aqua aerobics and aqua fitness”- Dr. Prachi Shah Arora (Indian Institute of Physiotherapist Training (IIPT)) – Bangalore, India – 2018
  • “Maitland based manual therapy” conducted by Prof. Steven Milanese (sports physio), Director, International Centre for Allied Health, University of South Australia – 2019
  • “Structural spinal deformities- Practical guidelines and current strategies”- Dr Naveen Kumar Balne, Senior faculty, College of Physiotherapy, Nizam’s institute of medical sciences – Hyderabad, India 2019
  • “Team physician and sports rehab course” during the 40th annual conference of Indian Association of Sports Medicine (IASM) – Bangalore, India – 2019.
  • “Strength and conditioning and return to sports” during the 40th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Sports Medicine (IASM) – Bangalore, India – 2019

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