Pregnancy Massage

Helping ease the strain of pregnancy using pregnancy massage treatment in London


London Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage in the heart of London! Pregnancy massage near me (or pre-natal massage) does share many of the real benefits of regular massages, but Pregnancy Massage is specifically tailored to help the changing needs of women during the course of their pregnancy.

Bodytonic Clinic offers professional pregnancy massage in the heart of London. Pregnancy is a demanding time for expectant mothers both physically and mentally and can put a lot of stress on your body. During our peaceful pregnancy massage sessions, we will aim to relax your body and mind, to release any tension that’s built up in your muscles.

Pregnancy massage (or prenatal massage) does share many of the real benefits of regular massages however it is specifically tailored to help the changing needs of pregnant women during the course of their pregnancy. It has many fantastic benefits both for pregnant mothers and their babies, helping you feel more in-tune with your body and to relax during the earlier stages of labour. A relaxing massage is also a great way to treat yourself to a rare relaxing moment before your baby arrives, to enjoy some pampering and calm your mind and body before giving birth.


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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage London bodytonic clinicThere are many fantastic benefits to having a professional pregnancy massage, especially for women in the later stages of pregnancy especially those in the third trimester experiencing any physical discomfort at being at a later stage in their pregnancy. Using special massage techniques, pregnancy massage therapy can ease some of the strains and stresses of pregnancy, any or all of the following:

  • Easing muscular discomfort and muscle tightening that can be experienced throughout the body e.g. calf cramps, lower back painupper back pain
  • Reducing swelling and oedema in the hands, feet or ankles
  • Pregnancy massage can help lessen sciatic pain.
  • Relieving physical & emotional stress.
  • Improving circulation
  • Relaxed and deeper breathing.
  • Pregnancy-related aches & pains
  • Stretch-mark prevention

30 Minutes

Shoulders / Seated on Swiss ball

Focuses on relieving muscular tension in the upper and lower back. The client is seated on a Swiss ball and leant on the massage table supported by pillows to feel as comfortable as possible.

45 Minutes

Back, Shoulders, Hips & Legs / Lying on side

Focuses on the upper & lower back, hips and legs. The massage is performed with the client laid on her side on the massage table before being supported to turn over and repeating the technique on the other side.

60 Minutes

Back, Shoulders, Hips & Legs / Lying on side

Full body massage is an emotional stress reliever! It is performed as before with the client laid on her sides and then in a semi seated position on the massage table with the back raised to 45 degrees.

What is a Pregnancy Massage?

A pregnancy massage is quite similar to a regular massage, however, during the session, our massage therapists will try and focus on the areas that expectant mothers typically experience the most physical strain during pregnancy.

At the start of an appointment, we will ask you some questions to check whether there are any problem areas you’d like to target during the session. You will be taken to one of our relaxing treatment rooms, where one of our massage therapists will use special massage techniques, targeting the areas that are usually most affected by pregnancy. Our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced, and they will use special techniques to relieve muscle tension by encouraging nutrient and oxygen-rich blood flow to the areas most affected by pregnancy. They will ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible whilst on the massage bed and will put you in positions most comfortable for pregnant women. Our massage therapists might use essential oils to provide deeper muscle relaxation.

Remember to check with your GP or midwife before booking a pregnancy massage to check they’re happy for you to go ahead.

Where to Find Us

If you’re looking for a professional pregnancy massage that will truly relax your muscles and restore your mind, Bodytonic Clinic is the right place. Book a session with us today to discover the wonderful benefits of a pregnancy massage.

Bodytonic have three Osteopathy health centres that are all located in Central London (Zone 1 & Zone 2). You can find Bodytonic Clinics in Canada Water SE16 (SE8), Wapping (E1W) and Stratford (E15 (E20). Each of our clinics is easy to get to, just a short walk from the popular tube stops in Central London, including Shoreditch, City of London, Hackney, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street and more.

Looking for other relaxing treatments? As well as pregnancy massages, we also offer a range of other professional massage treatments including aromatherapy, hot stone massages and deep tissue massages. We also offer yoga and pilates classes as well as a variety of different beauty treatments and professional osteopath services.


Click here for Terms and Conditions. 10% discount not available on OsteopathyPhysiotherapyFoot health or medical treatments.