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Soula Henderson

Qualified Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) in London, Canada Water SE16 & Stratford E15, near the Olympic Village E20

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Looking for a Foot Health Practitioner near me in Canada Water SE16 or Stratford E15 (E20)? Soula is a qualified Foot Health Practitioner from the SMAE Institute, one of the oldest institutions of Podiatry and Chiropody, founded in 1919, which is today in collaboration with Queen Margaret University Edinburgh. She is a member of the Open College of Foot Health Professionals (MCFHP) and the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (MAFHP).

Her interest in foot care developed from having worked 4 years in the Bespoke Shoe Industry where she catered to a range of different needs with regards to foot health, comfort and support. In assisting in the creation of handmade shoes, she recognised the negative impact uncomfortable feet can have on a person’s daily life, for some to such extent it resorts in the need for custom made shoes to relieve any ongoing pain.

Some pain of which for some had been with them for years, yet they may not have sought help from a foot professional and therefore continued to suffer needlessly, as well as allow their foot health to deteriorate over time.

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For Soula the main role of a Foot Health Practitioner is to assist in the alleviation of foot problems by use of various treatments and medications. Soula is able to recognise and help prevent or correct a condition as well as refer any patient on where necessary. Depending on the case, Soula also gives advice on suitable types of shoes and hosiery to wear to keep feet comfortable and in better condition.

Common causes of foot pain include corns from pressure or weight bearing points of the foot, or the build up of callus, often due to friction from ill-fitting footwear. Other uncomfortable conditions include fungal infections, ingrown toenails and Verrucae. Bunions, heel and forefoot pain from neurological, biomechanical and gait disturbances are also areas that may require attention. Achieving healthy feet throughout life requires maintenance whilst also addressing any underlying foot health issues be it past or present.

“You have your feet for a lifetime so they deserve a good level of care and most people will develop a foot problem at some stage in life, be it a minor ailment or a debilitating disorder!”

Soula practices across London and has a friendly yet professional, sympathetic approach to footcare. She is bound by the code of ethics, rules of the association, providing a highly professional service where comfort, safety, hygiene and confidentiality are paramount. She has worked on a variety of cases including dancers, musicians in bands, the hospitality industry, office workers and tailor. She has experience dealing with children and the elderly.
Soula values the involvement of her patient at each stage towards achieving their goal of pain-free feet, improving quality of life and overall wellbeing. Understanding the root cause of one’s foot condition and adding good aftercare advice as a daily routine helps a patient to play an active part in their own foot care.

She is adaptable to each patient’s specific needs, tailoring appointments accordingly, within a clinic setting as well as on a home visit basis. She allows extra time, care and attention for those who may require it, such as diabetic patients and those with circulatory issues and other conditions that may predispose them to having a higher risk of developing a foot health issue.

“My previous experience and venture into shoe making ignited my passion for foot biomechanics and foot health which is why I decided to train as a foot health practitioner. Additionally I love helping patients from all walks of life.”

Continual professional development (CPD) is an important part of being a Foot Health Practitioner and Soula is always working to further her knowledge and skills within her field of practice to improve patient outcomes. Since qualifying, Soula is training towards a diploma in Biomechanics in Podiatry, the study of how the muscles, bones and joints of the foot move and work together unanimously. Assessing underlying structure and function of limb and feet is one element in determining factors which contribute to discomfort. Orthotics are prescribed through biomechanical assessment. They can help by controlling and adjusting the way the foot and limb functions and therefore alleviate pain and improve the ability to move and flex.

She has also recently completed CPD in Diabetes, a study of its associated complications with regards to the foot and body in general. In addition, training in recognition, safe and effective treatment of the condition. You are at much greater risk of developing a foot problem if you have diabetes. This is due to the raised glucose levels in the blood which can in turn damage the sensation in your feet. Diabetes also affects the circulation meaning less blood reaching your feet which can make wound healing poor and cause cramps in the legs and feet. Additional CPD in Padding and Taping, a program to improve and develop the skills of practitioners, helping to create the basis of biomechanics and pain management. She is currently studying CPD in dermatology, the examination of common skin conditions of the feet, identification of its associated disease processes and the appropriate methods of management.

Soula is also training to become a registered Podiatrist with Queen Margaret University Edinburgh with a BSc in Podiatry.

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