Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The manual lymph drainage massage is a very gentle form of massage therapy which aims to improve the flow of lymph under the skin using specialised techniques to reduce toxins in the body. Lymph flow is stimulate by applying pressure and performing specific rhythmic movements to the body. This is a different from of treatment to massage therapy. There are oils involved or massage mediums. The touch and technique is catered just for the lymph drainage and to help  the lymph nodes work faster. It can be described as a detox treatment for everyone! This massage is designed to activate the musculature of the lymph vessel so they can contract more often in turn improving blood circulation for more efficient waste disposal. additionally manual lymphatic drainage is a very relaxing massage which will help reduce stress levels.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Manual lymphatic drainage uses applied pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow. MLD carries the same benefits as some of our other massage treatments. These include:

  • Reduces lymphedema – the accumulation of fluid and/or tissue swelling.
  • Improves efficiency and strength of the immune system.
  • Elicits relaxation and reduces stress

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Please always consult your doctor before treatment

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When is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Acceptable?

MLD massage is typically advised post surgery. Individuals who have recently received liposuction find MLD particularly beneficial. Your immune system is linked to your lymphatic system. Therefore this type of treatment is perfect fo those who have recently had surgery or have had an illness related to fluid retention. However it is important to seek the advice of your gP or a consultant before proceeding. Manual lymphatic drainage is often performed on:

  • Patients with low immune system
  • Post surgery clients
  •  Clients with a tendency to bloating and swelling
  • clients fasting

In conjunction to other therapies, it is widely known as a detox treatment, the aim by the therapist is to restore equilibrium in the tissue. This is where equal amounts are drained into the lymph nodes. We always want to make sure there is a healthy amount of flow. As a result the pressure is very important with this treatment. This is why light and superficial pressure is done throughout the treatment. Depending on what areas are more swollen will dictate the type of massage that is required.

What are the most common concerns for Lymph Drainage

  • Swollen legs or arms
  • Severe swelling or blasting from pmt or menstrual problems
  • Imbalance of fluid in the body
  • Post medical surgery
  • Post plastic surgery
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor immune system
  • Cellulite

It should be noted that these are the basics of what manual lymph drainage is used for. There are many concerns and issues that can be helped with the practice of MLD. It is recommended that the patients being treated regularly at the clinic recive MLD in between sessions of massage treatments, especially when aiming to maintain or achieve optimal health.

What is the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a network of thin vessels through which a watery fluid called lymph flows. The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system and is essentially the boies drainage system which cleans up and disposes of all the waste left behind by other systems of the body. The waste can come from the normal breakdown of active muscle and from the food you eat.

What are the functions of the Lymphatic System

  • Filters lymph and drains fluids back the the bloodstream 
    • The lymphatic system collects excess fluids like water, mineral, protein and other substances which are leaking from the capillaries and brings them back o the blood circulation system to be removed. If for any reason the lymphatic system is not able to drain those fluids.
    • The lymph passes through the lymph nodes (or glands which are found in the armpits or base of the neck). Those nodes in turn begin to swell in the region when the infection is. Thi explains why when we have the flu or sore throat we feel the lymph nodes behind he ear or on the back of the neck swelling
    • Improving the flow of the lymph and circulation allows white blood cells to attack any bacteria or infection and this prevents and reduces the infection getting into the blood circulation system.
  • Removes impurities from the body 
    • The lymphatic system helps remove toxins and other impurities such as carbon dioxide and sodium. It disposes of these impurities through perspiration, uring and breath.

Having a healthy active lifestyle (eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise and manage stress) will keep the lymphatic system more efficient. It can be supported by having regular manual lymphatic drainage or MLD.

MLD Prices

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