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Dhara Suthar

Registered Physiotherapist (physio)

Meet Dhara: Stepping into the crossroads of sports and general physiotherapy, Dhara embodies the fusion of specialised athletic care with holistic wellness. With 2.5 enriching years navigating both these spheres, she brings a unique blend of expertise to every patient’s journey, she effortlessly merges the latest research with compassionate care. Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or someone seeking relief from daily physical challenges, she designs tailor-made strategies for you. In Dhara’s care, healing transcends mere treatment—it’s a symphony of trust, understanding, and a commitment to comprehensive well-being. Join her on a path where sports precision meets everyday healing, all under one roof.


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Her academic voyage began amidst the revered hallways of Terna Physiotherapy College, where she didn’t just earn her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPTH) but did so with the shimmering badge of distinction. This wasn’t just a testament to her commitment but a reflection of her innate prowess. She completed her Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2023 from the University of Nottingham further solidifying her position at the forefront of Sports and Exercise Medicine. When Dhara commits, she doesn’t just reach the stars; she shines among them.”

As a key figure at Crouch Physio, London, she specialized in comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluations, skillfully merging gym and clinic-based treatments for holistic patient care.
Serving the Nottingham Forest Football Club, Dhara seamlessly conducted pre-season screenings, and injury prevention strategies, and collaborated in multidisciplinary rehabilitation efforts. Her dedication also led her to accompany the team during tournaments, ensuring athletes received top-notch on-field physiotherapy.
Dhara’s tenure at Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic, Nottingham epitomized her versatility. She adeptly managed a myriad of musculoskeletal conditions, always prioritizing patient education, and guiding them towards sustainable health choices.
She expanded her sports medicine expertise during her observership at the renowned Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai. Here, she delved deep into subjects like biomechanical gait analysis, functional movement screenings, and innovative modalities like Shockwave therapy and isokinetic rehabilitation.

Throughout her illustrious career in physiotherapy, Dhara has showcased her expertise in addressing a vast array of musculoskeletal conditions. Her experience encompasses treating conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, herniated discs, and muscular strains. Notably, she also specializes in post-surgery rehabilitation, assisting patients in regaining strength, flexibility, and function after surgical procedures. Her comprehensive approach ensures that everyone receives a tailor-made treatment plan, guiding them towards a swift and sustainable recovery. Dhara’s agility and precise decision-making were evident during Nottingham’s Big BUCS Wednesday event. Her engagements with the Yorkshire & Northeast Hockey Team and the European Hockey Tournament further underscored her prowess in real-time treatments and meticulous clinic management.
Throughout her journey, she has been the embodiment of patient-first care, consistently elevating her skills to align with the pinnacle of global physiotherapy standards.

Stay in the care of a physiotherapist who doesn’t just rest on her laurels. Dhara is a testament to the commitment to lifelong learning and the application of best practices. Trained by the renowned HPE UK Healthcare and Education Ltd. in London, she has mastered techniques like Functional K Taping and Dry Needling. The rigours of the global health crisis haven’t escaped her attention either; with certifications in Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19 from Harvard Medical School and Respiratory Therapy from IGOT, Government of India, Dhara is well-equipped to handle contemporary challenges. Furthermore, her deep dive into concussion guidelines from The Football Association and World Rugby, coupled with specializations in Integrated Manual Therapy and Bobath and Adult Hemiplegia, showcases her diverse skills. With training in ICU care, trauma management, and even BLS from Mumbai’s prestigious KEM Hospital, her comprehensive skill set ensures you’re receiving care that’s informed, updated, and exceptionally holistic. Dive into a healing journey where expertise meets passion.

Dive into a world where every treatment is an amalgamation of impeccable communication, profound emotional intelligence, and scientific precision. She seamlessly blends traditional musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy with modern technology, ensuring you’re receiving nothing short of the best. On the field or in the clinic, her commitment to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and strength conditioning shines through. Beyond her hands-on skills, her dedication to continuous professional development keeps her ahead of the curve. But it’s not just about the science and technique. Dhara’s physical endurance and adept body mechanics amplify the effectiveness of every therapy session. Here, every touch is therapeutic, every advice is evidence-based, and every recovery journey is personalized. Experience physiotherapy where state-of-the-art skills meet a heart that cares.

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