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Mishika Chopra

Registered Physiotherapist

Mishika is a qualified physiotherapist from India with a specialisation in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. She is registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (PH134304) and is also a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (A009096).

Before beginning her career in physiotherapy, she spent three years in high school studying pre-medicine from 2013 to 2016. She earned a first-class honours degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) in 2021 from Maharishi Markandeshwar considered to be University, Mullana (India). She completed her clinical placements for her BPT at M.M. Multispeciality Hospital and M.M. Superspeciality Hospital over the course of two years, rotating through a number of departments including paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery, neurology, orthopaedics, and general medicine.

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Mishika also completed an internship at Ivy Medical in Mohali, where she rotated through many medical departments and received extensive expertise in various forms of physiotherapy. Her time spent on these assignments assisted her in better understanding various diseases, ailments, and pathologies. She began working there as an intern helping the senior physical therapist but quickly took charge of her rounds on her own. Understanding multiple factors generating a health condition was the main lesson from her internship. She established a strong connection with her patients, who affectionately referred to her as “butterfly” due to her cheerful and upbeat personality.

She also served a brief time in 2021 working as a Consultant Physiotherapist for Covid-19 in India, where her major area of consideration was respiratory problems both during and after Covid-19. She is experienced in both private and public settings.

Mishika moved to the UK in 2021 and enrolled at Loughborough University for her master’s programme in MSc Musculoskeletal Sports Science and Health, which she completed in 2022. She claims that the thrill of excitement led her to sports physiotherapy. Working directly with athletes and sports teams in workshops at Loughborough University gave her wide exposure to MSK and sporting situations. She claims that the way our bodies function and how everything in the body is related to human biomechanics is really fascinating. In addition, she completed a systematic review for her master’s degree on “Rehabilitation of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in Overhead Athletes.” In her study, she looked at several methods for treating SIS and came to the conclusion that combining therapies is the best course of action considering rehabilitation still has a lot of unexplored territory.

Throughout her career, Mishika has dealt with a wide range of ailments, including osteoarthritis, low back pain, neck pain, PIVD, post-op ACL, post-TKR, and post-THR rehabilitation, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, Parkinson’s disease, stroke rehabilitation, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, bell’s palsy, and sciatica.

Her method of treatment is identifying the underlying reason and resolving it. She likes to use an amalgam of manual therapy and exercise therapy for her treatments. She places a strong emphasis on fostering the body’s natural healing process and stresses that the body must cure itself. During her treatment sessions, she tends to perform more hands-on manual therapy treatments.

Mishika thinks the key to her treatment is open lines of communication.
She focuses on the psychological as well as the physiological aspects of the condition of the patient. She enjoys meeting and conversing with her patients and does her best to support them through their treatments. Additionally, she uses cognitive functional therapy (CFT) in her care. She bases her treatment on optimism and the enhancement of quality of life, and she adores going on this journey with her patients.

She thinks that everyone may benefit from learning from one another’s experiences and lives in order to become a better version of themselves. She considers every day to be a fresh opportunity for growth.

Mishika is also a dancer, and her specialities include Indian semi-classical dance, Bollywood, and belly dancing and enjoys dancing to keep herself in shape. She claims that she has been dancing since she was two years old, and it all began at her home. She competed in several dancing contests as a child and took the crown in the majority of them. When she was 10 years old, she also took part in an Indian dance TV competition and finished in second place.
She claims that she enjoys trying new things and that she participated in a variety of sports as a child, including badminton, basketball, roller skating, and horseback riding. She wants to keep riding horses in the UK as well. When she has free time, she enjoys reading, taking walks in the park, cooking, and other creative pursuits. She enjoys reading books on meditation and mindfulness as a part of her self-care routine.

Mishika is proficient in English, Hindi, and Punjabi and can conduct sessions in any of those three languages.

Her grandma served as the motivation for her profession in physiotherapy. She was receiving physiotherapy treatment for knee osteoarthritis and was taken aback by the improvement in her grandmother’s condition. She decided on physiotherapy as her professional choice since she thought it to be the perfect blend of medical practice and physical fitness.

Mishika is level 1 certified in Pilates and qualified in Dry Needling. She also wants to become certified in Kinesio Taping and Cupping treatment in order to master more advanced techniques. She is also highly interested in osteopathy and says she wants to explore more about this field of therapy in the near future in order to employ an array of therapies in her sessions.

Mishika says she is motivated by adrenaline and enjoys taking on new challenges in life, and one day she hopes to work with a football or cricket club.

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