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Madeleine Ward-Robinson

Beauty therapist

Maddie began her training in Level 2 Beauty Therapy in 2020 and completed her Level 3 Beauty Therapy Qualification in 2022 at New City College. She has completed both of these two, full time courses, which included a range of treatments such as waxing and tinting; basic and electrical facials; electrical body treatments; different styles of massage; and nails. She will further her studies at bodytonic clinic and master numerous skills in treatments such as Deep Tissue MassageManual Lymphatic Drainage MassageIndian Head MassageHot Stone MassagePregnancy Massage and Environ skin care.

On her most recent course at New City College, Maddie particularly enjoyed the facial module, as it allowed her to learn about new skincare products and routines, and how the effects of the new regimes can benefit her clients. Her favorite part of this particular module was learning about electrical facials and how these electric machines help achieve more dramatic results. She also enjoyed learning about different styles of massage such as Aromatherapy, Swedish and Thai. Maddie is fascinated by how each style of massage uses very varied techniques and has its own unique effects and results for a client.

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She particularly appreciated her extracurricular course taken alongside her studies. Maddie trained at the CIBTAC Accredited Centre: Chiva-Som International Academy located in Bangkok, where she had the opportunity to learn about Thai Massage from industry professionals. She was able to learn about the important culture surrounding Thai Massage as well as the treatment itself, which further increased her confidence in massage. Time spent at the Chiva-Som International Academy allowed her to become immersed in new experiences and become better educated in the significant history surrounding Thai Massage treatment, which she had not been aware of before this exciting course. Maddie found the techniques and traditions of Thai Massage to be very different to any other of the massages she had previously studied. Traveling overseas to undertake this course in a brand new country required Maddie to quickly become more independent and self-reliant. She wanted to take the opportunity to make the most out of this rare experience and absorb as much new education as possible.
Maddie’s passion for beauty began at a young age, from learning about treatments online, watching videos on different nail techniques or facial procedures and experimenting with product usage. She learnt that there was a vast, creative beauty community, and was excited by this world that was able to change the appearance of someone’s nails to make them look beautiful and colourful. She was fascinated by how different ranges of skin care could really help people suffering with problem skin and that learning how to use these products made such an impactful difference on a person’s skin, confidence and life in general. This led her to the desire to put into practice what she was seeing online, using her friends and family as models. She enjoyed doing these treatments at home so much, that she then decided a career in the Health and Beauty industry was the right path for her. As soon as Maddie was able, she went straight into studying in the Health and Beauty industry.

Maddie’s interest for skincare in particular sparked as a young teen when dealing with skin problems of her own. This pushed her forward into the world of skincare and she took it upon herself to do extensive research into any new and upcoming treatments to help her. The research led to her keen interest in why everyone’s skin is completely different and how this uniqueness is rooted in their genetics. She wanted to find out how a person’s skin can be affected by finding the correct products to solve specific problems they had worries about. Maddie was introduced to many different skincare brands and products. She read and watched videos of other people’s experiences online and became invested in the ups and downs of their skincare journeys, which ignited her passion to help others begin a healthy relationship with skincare.This research was where Maddie first learned about the many exciting career paths linked to the skincare industry.

Maddie’s goal is to guide her patients in feeling more comfortable and confident in their skin by providing them with knowledge that would benefit them in their skincare journeys. She is very excited to further her own knowledge in this subject as she learns about new treatments, techniques and products, as new research is constantly leading to improvements in the field.

Maddie is very much looking forward to learning new techniques at bodytonic clinic and feels that this is the right environment and clinic to have the best initial exposure in the industry. ‘Being in a clinic environment will allow me to understand the body, not only from a beauty perspective, but that of a musculoskeletal practitioner too. This will allow me to refer to my client the best course of treatment possible. I am also very excited to learn about Environ skin care!’. Being able to work at the clinic provides Maddie the best atmosphere to begin and improve her career while working with clients, while also furthering her knowledge and education in new treatments and techniques, with enthusiastic encouragement and support from her colleagues

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