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Winter is Here

Winter is here at bodytonic clinic

5 different people at winter

Winter is here and we are all getting ready for the Christmas break, the office party or if you are lucky enough, some well earned winter sun! To help you through the dark mornings and evenings and even a possible “blizzard” of snow we’ve identified 5 characters and the likely injuries that they may encounter.



Winter is still a great time for training and there’s plenty of options including: contact sports like Rugby, group training like an outdoor boot camp, outdoor Running or even on your own in a local gym. Warm up properly and dress appropriately in all cases to avoid injuries such as muscle strains and joint sprains (1). A common injury we see in clinic is a hamstring strain so make use of some great Sports Massage or Pilates exercises to help improve flexibility


Office parties are the main playing field for a spot of dancing. Add alcohol or over ambition and there’s a recipe for unusual and sometimes embarrassing injuries. These are commonly sprained ankles, knees and wrists but they can often extend to acute Lower back or Neck pain (think bohemian rhapsody). Often there is no stopping people attending their annual shindig so advice here is to seek advice and attend to your injuries asap. Previous years have seen a 40% increase in alcohol consumption in December (2). If you have been drinking there is often a delay in pain perception so be prepared for a sore joint or head in the morning!


The holiday period is a time for traveling to see family and loved ones, and for those who are lucky enough a trip to the winter sun. If you are packing then make sure you are lifting your suitcase properly by bending your knees and not your back. If this is difficult then always ask for a little help. If you are sitting for long periods of time, especially long distance driving or long haul flights, then take a break. Pop into a lay by or service station to stretch your legs or pause the film and stand up during your flight.



In 2014 17 million hours were spent online shopping on boxing day (2) either on a phone, tablet or laptop. Thus giving rise to the recent phenomenon of “TECH NECK” (3). A 60% degree angle from looking down at your phone can add 60lb weight to the neck hence increases in related head, neck and postural pain. Common advice centres around sitting up properly, using a desk top computer with a proper chair set-up and taking breaks as well as exercising and stretching.



Let’s face it we have all been there and it is easy to do. Away from work, a chance to rest and the enticement to rich foods! The key here is too make sure you are moving. NICE and NHS guidelines state that exercise and movement help to reduce the chance of back pain occurring (4). So avoid sitting for long periods of time, plan a walk during the day to get some fresh air and try to eat a balanced diet by eating fresh fruit and vegetables also drink plenty of water to counteract the chocolate and mulled wine!


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