Victoria Bonin, BSc


Victoria is a qualified MSK Physiotherapist, fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Victoria is a French physiotherapist coming from Paris. After working for almost three years in France in both private and public settings, she moved to London and joined the bodytonic team. She will be very happy to treat patients who speak English or French.

Victoria trained at the Physiotherapy School Saint-Michel of Paris, from 2016 to 2020. During her studies, she wrote a thesis about the effects of “Whole-Body Cryotherapy” on delayed onset muscle soreness. The study took place in a professional rugby club in France, Team USON in Nevers. The objective of the study was to assess the benefits of cryotherapy on muscle soreness. In order to do so, Victoria wrote a specific survey for professional rugby players about pain and muscle soreness. The outcomes of the study were in favour of whole-body cryotherapy and were in accordance with the current literature. This thesis defence allowed Victoria to receive her Physiotherapy degree in 2020.

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Bio continued

Since her graduation, she has worked in both private and public settings in France, mostly in Paris and its suburbs.
Right after her graduation, Victoria started working as a Physiotherapist in a clinic. She worked there for two years and had the opportunity to treat patients of various ages and with a wide variety of conditions. She met patients suffering from MSK conditions, meaning soft tissue injuries and disorders such as neck and back pain, tendinopathies, chronic pain, sprains, and joint stiffness. But her knowledge and skills go beyond.
After this two-year experience, she worked in hospitals and acute settings, such as Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Her experience in these fields allows her to take care of patients after a joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder prosthesis), after surgery, fractures and after various trauma (ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repairment).

Victoria’s work experiences also include rehabilitation for the elderly, neurology (post-stroke rehabilitation, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis), breast cancer, scoliosis and post-COVID-19 rehabilitation.

Victoria believes physiotherapy should start with an individualized and precise diagnosis. In order to do so, she makes sure to keep learning and improving her clinical skills. She attended a specific course animated by Dr Angela Cadogan – PhD of physiotherapy, about “screening for serious pathology” to be able to recognize and refer her patients in case needed. As a healthcare therapist, Victoria sets high standards in order to ensure her patient’s safety.
Victoria’s commitment towards her patients is strong. Her goal is to provide each patient with individualized treatment, depending on each patient’s need. She believes listening to the patient, his/her goals and concerns is the key to high-quality rehabilitation. Compassion, respect and empathy are essential qualities, at the heart of the physiotherapist’s role.

Immediately after she started working as a physiotherapist, she discovered a strong interest in treating Musculoskeletal conditions with hands-on techniques. To improve her manual and technical skills, Victoria pursued additional training such as manual treatment of the fascia and trigger points. Massage, stretching, soft tissue techniques and mobilizations are a huge part of Victoria’s work as a physiotherapist.
Victoria also learned about Clinical Pilates and includes this knowledge in her rehabilitation sessions.
Victoria believes it’s essential to empower each person on his/her recovery journey. Apart from manual techniques and skills, she likes to provide self-rehabilitation advice to her patients: stretching, self-massage and exercises to do at home, so the patient can keep improving and achieve his/her goals.
She is a people driven enthusiastic person, always looking for a way to help patients achieve their goals, relieve pain and improve mobility, to get the patient’s liberty back.

Victoria sets very high standards in her communication, loves to exchange with patients and takes the time to explain. She approaches every session with a friendly and non-judgmental attitude.

Victoria holds a certificate in the following fields:

  • The manual treatment of trigger points
  • Fascia therapy: a manual approach for treating soft tissues
  • Pilates instructor Matwork 1
  • Screening for serious pathologies

As an individual, Victoria has a curious and dynamic personality. She enjoys new challenges, and that’s why she is very thrilled to start a new life in London. She loves to travel and discover new places, new cultures and especially restaurants and local food. Victoria loves outdoor activities, such as running and biking. Her favourite summer activity is hiking, and she was fortunate enough to experience this in several countries such as Croatia, Switzerland, Montenegro, Italy and Iceland. Her next challenges are the famous Ben Nevis hiking in Scotland and the Royal Half Park semi-marathon.

During the weekends, you can meet Victoria running in the beautiful parks of London. But in the evenings, you‘ll find her trying new restaurants and cool places. She will also be sure to visit and enjoy everything London can offer to a new resident: culture, museums, landscapes, history and activities. She will be very excited to hear advice and tips from London experts!

Victoria is thrilled to start a new role in London and to join bodytonic.

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