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Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2021

Celebrating Success: Triple Win at the Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce that our team has achieved a remarkable feat by winning three prestigious awards at the Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2021. This wonderful surprise and recognition include the Business of the Year Award, Business Pivot Award, and Outstanding Team Award.

About the Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2021

The Southwark Business Resilience Awards celebrate the successes, achievements, and resilience of the borough’s vibrant and diverse business community. Organised by White Label on behalf of the Southwark Chamber of Commerce and Southwark Council, these awards highlight the strength and innovation within Southwark.

Diverse Participation: The awards programme is designed to be inclusive, welcoming every type of company from SMEs, startups, and large corporates. Each business could apply for up to three awards, ensuring a wide representation of Southwark’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Rigorous Selection Process: After the closing date for entries, a comprehensive list of finalists was presented. The winners, including the prestigious Southwark Business of the Year Award, were announced at an elegant awards ceremony in October 2021.

We are incredibly proud of this recognition and are already looking forward to next year’s event. We remain committed to excellence and innovation and aim to continue contributing positively to the Southwark business community.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating this fantastic achievement!

Awards 2021

Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2021 Winners

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR | Winner: Bodytonic Clinic

‘It has been fantastic to see the good in so many businesses. COVID has been tough for everyone but it has been inspiring to see the way in which businesses have supported each other and residents.’

BUSINESS PIVOT AWARD | Winner: Bodytonic Clinic
‘We have learned many new things in COVID, including new software, systems and how to use PPE, but the challenges have sped up innovation and we will be keeping many of the changes which have helped our customers and staff as well as continuing to invest in an improved booking system, an app and new equipment.’

OUTSTANDING TEAM AWARD | Winner: Bodytonic Clinic
‘I am so proud, the team will be ecstatic when I tell them. I won Entrepreneur of the year a few years back, but for me it has always been about the team. I had quite a difficult start in my career working for other people and so when we started bodytonic clinic I wanted it be a business which invested in people and their careers, allowing them to grow, develop and gain experience – and have fun.’

Highly Commended: The Brunel Museum
Commended: The Pizza Room

‘Listening to what the other finalists had done, we all said, ‘they’re gonna win it, they should win it for what they’ve done’. So, to win it ourselves, it was quite a shock to be honest with you.’

Jamie Mehmet, Ballers Football Academy

Highly Commended: Oxo Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie
Commended: Southwark Young Advisors

‘Winning the award means we’ve made I through lockdown, we survived, and we can move forward stronger. I’m really excited to tell everyone as soon as I can.

I’m just delighted to show a really small business can win an award – we were up against some really big companies. It’s not always about being the biggest company, sometimes you can be small to make a really great impact in the community, which is what I hope our piano school is doing.’

Highly Commended: Dr.Boo
Commended: Castro’s Barbershop

‘To win feels incredible because it’s just been such a challenging time. You just keep doing what you’re doing and try to make the impact that you can, but to be recognised is wonderful.’

Highly Commended: Bizzie Bodies
Commended: Southwark Construction Skills Centre

COVID-19 START-UP | Winner: BB Pads
‘It’s fantastic to win, I wasn’t really expecting it as the other candidates were so impressive. I’m very happy. I hope the award will give some visibility to BB pads. I’ve already got some new followers from tonight.’

Highly Commended: Sollip
Commended: Barefoot Joe’s

LOCAL LOCKDOWN HERO | Winner: UK Homes 4 Heroes
‘Very emotional, I’m really shocked. I was very shocked to have found I’d been put through for the awards but I’m even more shocked that I’ve actually won it.

Winning the award means a lot because it’s recognition for the hard work everybody at the charity does.‘

Highly Commended: Ballers Football Academy
Commended: Mountview

Highly Commended: Adroit Accountax
Commended: CareTrade Charitable Trust

‘It’s so nice to have the recognition. We – me and my team of volunteers – do a lot of work. We’re all doing it in our spare time and it’s really great to be recognised for the work we do. It’s really exciting.’

Highly Commended: The Scissors of Oz

YOUNG PERSONS CONTRIBUTION | Winner: Sameer, Adroit Accountax
“We’ve never looked back since taking on Sameer as an apprentice. He’s really intelligent, he’s picked up things so quickly. The fact we’ve given the entire payroll department over to him to handle just kind of tells its own story to us. For someone of that age, 18/19, to come in as an apprentice and take these leaps and bounds, it’s been a brilliant decision and it’s definitely not one we will regret.”

Highly Commended: Louis, Mack Metal
Commended: Lucy, Interact

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