Riccardo Basilico

Registered Osteopath and massage therapist


Riccardo is an Italian and UK trained Osteopath who studied at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) and the North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT) who has recently moved to London. A native speaker of Italian, he also speaks English and Spanish to a fluent level.

Throughout his training Riccardo was able to develop various different osteopathic approaches allowing him to treat a wide and reaching demographic of patients. Not just learning the traditional structural variant of osteopathy he also developed valuable skills in the cranial, visceral and fascial fields too. This has allowed him to tailor his treatments to the specific and individual needs of every patient he sees.

“During my studies in Italy I learned a lot about the theory of osteopathy and developed a deep knowledge of how the body functions and what happens when it goes wrong. During my studies in the UK I found I grew more as a practitioner and how to better help my patients, learning important skills such as communications and empathy.”

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Riccardo was inspired to train as an Osteopath as he has always felt he had a keen interest in helping people and a drive to transform people’s lives for the better. However this wasn’t always the case and he almost ended up going down an alternate career path.

During High School he studied foreign languages and for a period of time was interested in pursuing a career in languages instead. However, during his study, like many osteopaths before him, he suffered a knee injury that introduced him to the world of Osteopathy. Through treatment with his local osteopath he was inspired to change careers when he realised the rewarding nature of working in healthcare and rehabilitation leading him to enrol in Osteopathy in Italy.

Riccardo first encountered Osteopathy around the age of 12, when he suffered from a growth condition in the knee known as Osgood Schlatters. Even from such a young age, he was amazed by how quickly and effectively the practitioner was able to help him and get him back on his feet and return to sport. Additionally he was drawn in by how the osteopath used a holistic approach to treat the condition, looking at other factors that may be involved in his condition and not just the area of pain.

“I was fascinated by the way the practitioner was able to improve the patient’s health and, especially, how they were able to consider the body as a whole unit, not only focusing on the affected area.”

Throughout university he focused a large portion of his time and energy into the study of anatomy & physiology and mastering his palpation skills in order to provide the most effective treatments providing the best patient outcomes. This hardwork and dedication lead Riccardo to win the Richard Maryan Prize, an award given to some of the highest achieving students as nominated by his lecturers and tutors.

As an osteopath I really love to treat directly all tissues focusing on dysfunctions and taking always in consideration the integration between the musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial systems. On the other hand I would consider myself really open minded as I always try to find out which the best approach for the patient is.

Following his graduation Riccardo cut his teeth in the world of osteopathy working for Seregno Calcio, a professional football team in the Italian League One (Serie C), providing treatments for both the first team and the U-19 team.

Here he predominantly dealt with muscular injuries and the implementation of plans to prevent and reduce injury as well as looking at general improvements to players wellbeing.

He has also worked with the U9 to U17 teams assisting in injury reduction and performance improvement.

During this time Riccardo also gained experience treating a variety of conditions in his own clinic from office-related problems, to elderly and people with chronic pain conditions.

Throughout his studies, Riccardo worked as a waiter and as a bartender. He considers this a fundamental experience that helped him grow both professionally and as a person, allowing him to develop important people skills.

In his spare time Riccardo loves hanging out with friends and staying active with outdoor activities such as skiing, running and mountain climbing. He describes himself as an easy going person who’s friends can rely on him for anything.

Above all else, his main passion is for football. Playing since he could walk he has been a fan of his beloved Inter Milan for just as long. A long term career goal would be to work as part of the medical staff for an international team.

He has attended a number of additional courses to help him achieve this dream including a kinesio taping course, an FA run course on concussion and sudden cardiac arrest, and he is currently taking part in the Fifa Medical Diploma which will greatly improve his knowledge and experience dealing with sports specific injuries.

As a keen traveller, and his self proclaimed second biggest passion, Ricccardo would like to take Osteopathy overseas as part of a volunteering program helping out those in underprivileged areas where osteopathy can make an even greater difference.

  • Always looking to further his knowledge and grow as a practitioner, Riccardo has completed the follow courses:
  • Masters of Osteopathy (M.Ost)
  • Kinesio Taping and Functional Bandaging
  • Sports, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage
  • Basic Life Support

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