Reflexology Massage at bodytonic clinic, London

Focussed pressure technique, usually carried out on the feet




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Reflexology at bodytonic clinic®

Reflexology Massage London bodytonic clinic

Reflexology Massage bodytonic clinic

Looking for Reflexology in London, SE16 (SE8), bodytonic clinic can help! By applying pressure and massage to certain areas of the hands, feet & ears, Reflexology can help.

Reflexology has been known to help with many areas of the body. Some areas which this treatment have been know to help are:

  • Stress and Tension
  • Helping Improve Mood
  • Aids Sleep
  • Improves a Sense of Well-being
  • Helping with Relaxation

Reflexes are areas on the feet which the Reflexologist will provide treatment to which are linked to other areas of your body and nervous system. Applying pressure to the hands, feet & ears can help with your wellbeing.

Some people advise that that following treatment they have the feeling of lower levels of anxiety and feel calmer.

Other things which people have said are:

  • Pain reduction – Some research has suggested that Reflexology is an effective pain reliever
  • Improved Circulation – Using Reflexology can help increase circulation by breaking down deposits in the blood stream
  • Stress – Studies available have suggested that treatment can aid in reducing the effects of stress
  • Time to relax – Having a relaxing treatment can help encourage the body and mind to relax more
  • Hard day on your feet – Using Reflexology techniques can help easy pain and discomfort and reduce tesnsion in the feet

Reflexology is an alternative medicine, which is also knows as zone therapy, which not a lot of people know. The reason for the name ‘Zone Therapy’ is that it is based on a system of zones and reflexes on your hands, feet and ears. These systems of zones and reflex areas are alleged to help with physical aspects of the body. Currently there is no evidence that this is an effective treatment for specific medical condition.


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