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Pip Withington

Registered Osteopath

Pip is a qualified and registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy, having recently achieved a Master’s in Osteopathy in June 2023. Her fascination with musculoskeletal health emerged early in life, sparked by an active childhood enriched with a myriad of sports engagements. From an early age, Pip was not just involved but excelled in various sports, passionately participating in multiple sports teams. Her dedication was especially evident in competitive swimming and lifesaving events, where she exhibited remarkable skill and commitment.

Being a proficient swimmer, Pip not only thrived but also demonstrated her prowess in swimming competitions. Her involvement in competitive swimming not only honed her physical capabilities but also fostered a deep understanding of the body’s intricate mechanics and the significance of proper musculoskeletal health for athletes. Similarly, her engagement in competitive lifesaving events not only showcased her physical agility and quick thinking but also underscored the importance of optimal musculoskeletal functionality in emergencies.


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Her multifaceted involvement in various sports teams, coupled with her competitive spirit in swimming and lifesaving, laid the foundation for her profound interest in musculoskeletal health. It was through these experiences that Pip developed a keen appreciation for the human body’s capabilities, resilience, and the pivotal role musculoskeletal wellness plays in achieving peak physical performance and overall well-being. It laid the groundwork for her later pursuit of a career in Osteopathy.
During her academic pursuit, Pip concurrently acquired a Level 3 qualification in sports massage in 2021, enhancing her clinical training and enriching her
therapeutic skill set. Committed to a comprehensive approach, Pip aims not only to alleviate immediate symptoms but also to delve deeper, seeking to understand the root causes of discomfort and limitations, enabling a more holistic treatment.

Pip’s substantial experience spans two Osteopathy clinics in Epsom, where she refined her patient management and gained diverse insights into musculoskeletal issues. Her tenure within these clinics provided invaluable exposure to a wide range of cases, further solidifying her clinical expertise. Working in these clinics allowed her to witness firsthand the nuances of patient care, shaping her approach towards a more empathetic and personalised style of treatment. She actively engaged in multidisciplinary teams, fostering an environment of collaborative care that significantly enriched her understanding of holistic health management.
Additionally, her involvement in the gym setting has been pivotal in broadening her comprehension of physical wellness. Witnessing the transformative power of exercise on overall health provided her with insights into preventive measures and lifestyle adjustments, complementing her osteopathic practice. This diversified exposure equipped her with a well-rounded perspective that emphasises proactive healthcare solutions, aligning with her commitment to holistic well-being.
Driven by a genuine passion for enhancing the quality of life for her patients, Pip designs personalised treatment plans employing a range of techniques such as Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), mobilisations, and articulations. Collaboration is central to her approach—she engages closely with her patients, empowering them with the knowledge and techniques for self-care and sustained well-being.

In her pursuit of specialised training, Pip actively seeks out Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities tailored towards women’s health and paediatric care. Her aspiration to delve deeper into these areas is driven by a desire to offer comprehensive, inclusive, and sensitive care to women and children. Recognising the unique healthcare needs of these demographics, Pip aims to integrate her expertise in musculoskeletal health with specialised knowledge in these areas, ensuring a holistic and compassionate approach in her practice.

Pip values adhering to robust osteopathic practice standards, considering them as a reliable compass in patient care. These guidelines ensure safe, ethical, and up-to-date treatments while prioritising patient needs and ongoing learning. By following these standards, Pip maintains a high standard of care, fostering trust with her patients. It’s akin to a quality stamp, assuring everyone of the safety and capability in her hands. Ultimately, these standards create a nurturing and reliable environment for healing and well-being, a fundamental aspect of Pip’s commitment to holistic care.

Pip eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute positively to the vibrant city of London, a bustling metropolis that embodies a rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and healthcare requirements. London’s dynamic and diverse population serves as an exciting platform for Pip to adapt her approach, leveraging her versatile skill set to cater to a myriad of healthcare needs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Pip’s multifaceted interests and holistic approach shape her identity personally and professionally. Growing up in an environment valuing physical activity and health, Pip developed a profound curiosity about the body’s intricate workings and the impact of movement on overall well-being. This early fascination evolved into a passionate pursuit of musculoskeletal health, guiding Pip towards her chosen path in Osteopathy.

Her commitment to holistic health extends to her leisure time activities, where Pip finds solace in swimming, yoga, and meditation. These activities allow her to recharge and maintain a balanced lifestyle that mirrors her dedication to promoting comprehensive wellness in her patients.

The prospect of contributing meaningfully to the lives of individuals she encounters resonate deeply with Pip. Each patient interaction represents an opportunity to make a positive impact, and she approaches each case with empathy, dedication, and a commitment to delivering the highest quality of care.

As Pip continues to evolve professionally and personally, her unwavering dedication to her craft, coupled with a genuine desire to make a difference, propels her forward on her journey in osteopathy. With a keen eye on continuous growth and learning, Pip stands poised to become a cornerstone in the pursuit of holistic well-being for those she has the privilege to serve. Her commitment to specialised training and her holistic approach ensures she is well-equipped to cater to diverse healthcare needs, contributing profoundly to the health and vitality of her patients and the broader community.


  • Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours – Sivananda Centre – 2016
  • Sports Massage Diploma – Proactive Training – 2022
  • Masters of Osteopathy (M.Ost) – European School of Osteopathy – 2022
  • Pilates Matwork Levels 1-3 – APPI – Enrolled to start in 2023
  • Dry Needling
  • Postgraduate Women’s Health Diploma – Molinari Institute of Health – Enrolled to start in 2024

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