Pedro Toscano

Registered Physiotherapist (physio) and clinical pilates instructor



Pedro is a qualified Physiotherapist / physio (both manual hands on therapy and rehabilitation), clinical pilates instructor and Sports Massage therapist who uses and integrates different treatment modalities in order to help patients achieve their treatment and lifestyle goals. In addition to this Pedro is a BUPA registered Physiotherapist along with all other major insurance companies.

Pedro Toscano (HCPC PH110759 | CSP 100500) completed his Physiotherapy degree and qualified in 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. After rotating across different hospitals in Lisbon where he gained broad experience in the main areas of Physiotherapy intervention, Pedro had the opportunity to spend some time at the Portuguese ‘National High Performance Athletics Centre’ from which he gained a whole new insight into sports injuries and management. Pedro then worked at a local Sports Club for one year where, besides having great fun as a pitch-side Physio on the weekends for football and hockey games, in which Pedro was responsible for managing and treating injured athletes during the rest of the time. He then decided that it was still too soon to narrow down his practice only to Sports, and he went back to develop his skills on other areas of Physiotherapy by spending two years working at local GP’s treating outpatients with a range of work- or sports-related musculoskeletal injuries, traumatic injuries and Post-ops, Cardio-respiratory problems and Neurological conditions.

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“I love the dynamic that physiotherapy can bring to a patient’s wellbeing and recovery. Through movement and exercise I love to engage with patients to help them achieve their goals of living a fulfilled life, or excelling to their optimal health in their chosen sport.”

In 2016 Pedro decided to embark on a new adventure and moved to London, seeking new and exciting challenges as a Physio. London has always been an attractive place to work due to its vibrant city culture and numerous networking opportunities. Since then he has worked in different private clinics, including one year working with medicolegal cases with a majority of back, neck and whiplash associated injuries, followed by other private clinics where Pedro has maintained a busy practice treating patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal and Orthopaedics problems.

Pedro has a holistic view of his patients and recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle – stress, sleep, diet and exercise – as having a major influence on virtually any injury or painful condition. He has been continuously trying to improve his skill set and effectiveness in order to meet his patients’ goals in the most appropriate and safest possible way. To reflect this Pedro has had extensive training to develop his clinical assessment and treatment skills, including manual (soft tissue techniques, manipulation) techniques, taping, high level and specific sports rehab, running assessment/analysis, and significant training on clinical reasoning and screening process as a first contact practitioner.

“I love to increase my knowledge and understanding of how the body works but above all I love engaging with patients and getting them back into a healthy lifestyle. I integrate both manual hands on and rehabilitation physiotherapy into my treatments in order for me to achieve this.”

Most recently Pedro has received a diploma in Football Medicine by FIFA and has undergone training in Clinical Pilates gaining further experience in rehab and instructing. Having a diversified tool-box available is a great aid when following a patient-centred approach as there are no recipes and no size fits all. Therefore different things work better with different persons, and everyone should have their own treatment plan that fits in with their individual problems, goals, preferences, concerns and time constraints, and should also include what is the best prevention possible: finding and addressing the underlying cause of the problem!

When Pedro is not working or updating his knowledge on the latest research, Pedro likes to spend his time cycling and exploring London, meeting with friends, travelling, reading, or trying to improve his guitar skills! Pedro also speaks fluent English and Portguese.

“There’s so much to explore in London and I’ve probably only seen about 10% of it. It’s great when patients and customers recommend to me their favorite places to visit in London. Outside events are even better and London is a very green place to live even though it is a big city!”

Pedro has attended and many CPD lectures and courses during and after his physiotherapy studies in order to maintain and develop his knowledge. These include:

  • Fifa Diploma in Football Medicine, London – June 2020
  • Matwork Pilates, London – Feb 2020
  • Running Injuries, London – Oct 2018
  • Shoulder made simple, London – Sep 2018
  • Palpatory Anatomy in Lisbon, Portugal – Jan 2015
  • Sports Osteopathy in Porto, Portugal – Feb 2014

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