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Monique Green

Registered Beauty Therapist London

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Monique Green, Beauty Therapist London | Bodytonic Clinic SE16

Growing up in the bustling city of London, Monique found solace in the soothing rituals of massage and beauty treatments. From an early age, she felt drawn to the calming influence these practices had on her mind and body. It was her Aunt, a beloved figure in the beauty industry, who ignited Monique’s passion for healing. Watching her aunt work tirelessly to leave clients feeling cared for and inspired, Monique knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

As she pursued her career, Monique discovered a deep love for facials and massages. For her, these treatments weren’t just about relaxation—they were about connecting with others and providing a moment of peace in their busy lives. “I love that my job lets me try different treatments, meet new people, and connect with them,” she shared. Each client became a part of her journey, reinforcing her belief in the power of touch and care to make a positive difference.

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“ I love that my career allows me to experience various treatments, connect with clients, and meet different people”

As Monique navigated her career path, she committed herself wholeheartedly to mastering a variety of massage techniques, earning accolades as a skilled therapist in the process. With specializations in deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, and pre-blended aromatherapy, she diligently honed her skills to provide each client with a personalized and transformative experience. Guided by her unwavering dedication to the craft, Monique continually explored different modalities, ensuring that she could adeptly tailor treatments to meet the diverse needs of her clientele.

“Beauty has always been a passion of mine, I love to help and support clients in connecting with their beauty and well-being”

For Monique, the art of healing through touch wasn’t just a career—it was a calling she embraced with unyielding passion. With every gentle stroke, she felt a profound sense of purpose, knowing that her hands possessed a unique ability to ease tension, soothe muscles, and guide clients to a place of deep relaxation. Each massage session wasn’t simply a service; it was an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on someone’s well-being, a chance to impart a sense of peace and rejuvenation that extended far beyond the treatment room.

Her journey led her through the hallowed halls of several prestigious spas scattered across London. Immersed in these revered institutions, Monique found fertile ground to refine her techniques, learning invaluable lessons from seasoned experts while forming deep connections with clients from all walks of life. While she excelled in traditional massage methods, Monique’s thirst for innovation led her to embrace a wide array of treatments, from electrical facials to waxing and tinting. Her versatility in the beauty and wellness sphere set her apart, allowing her to seamlessly blend time-honored practices with modern approaches, all while carving out her niche in a competitive field.

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of spas where her career flourished, Monique held a quiet aspiration in her heart. She longed for a workplace that embraced a holistic approach to well-being—a sanctuary where clients could access a myriad of services, all aimed at nurturing their body, mind, and spirit under one roof. It was a dream she held dear, one that fueled her desire to make a difference beyond the confines of traditional spa settings.

Thus, when the opportunity arose to join Bodytonic Clinic, Monique leaped at the chance. It wasn’t just about finding a job; it was about aligning herself with a vision that resonated deeply with her own. She envisioned a space where she could carry out her beloved treatments, yes, but more importantly, a place where she could continue to learn and grow, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience to better serve her clients on their journey towards self-care and fulfillment.

In her downtime, Monique found solace and inspiration in the simple joys of exploration and self-discovery. Whether she was traversing new destinations or immersing herself in the rich cultural tapestry of London, she reveled in the opportunity to broaden her horizons and feed her spirit. Swimming provided a sense of tranquility amidst the chaos of everyday life, while meditation grounded her in the present moment, allowing her to recharge and find balance within herself.

For Monique, learning was a lifelong pursuit, one that extended far beyond the confines of the classroom. Her time at the London College of Beauty Therapy had been a pivotal moment in her journey, instilling her with the confidence and knowledge to take the next steps in her career. Yet, her thirst for knowledge remained unquenchable, leading her to pursue additional courses and certifications in various massage and facial treatments. Each diploma represented not just a milestone, but a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her relentless pursuit of mastery within her craft.

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