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Michela is an Italian beauty therapist registered with the FHT (Federation Holistic Therapists) here in the UK. After a degree in humanistic social science in 2010 Michela attended the Higher Esthetician Academy in Latina, south of Rome, where she graduated with a BTEC level 5 in beauty therapy.

Since Michela was a child she always wanted to work in the beauty industry and she used to play with her mom’s makeup and nail polish. Growing up she understood that her passion and studies could be combined together to help kick start her career into the beauty world. This is where she discovered a whole world full of opportunity, lots of different areas of specialization and a wide range of treatment that could be offered to clients looking for relaxation or pain relief or just to get ready for a party.

As soon as she started beauty college Michela fell in love with massage. She learnt how powerful massage could be and how by just applying pressure and doing maneuvers on the skin could give such a huge mental and physical relief for the client. Michela had the chance to study and become qualified in medical massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage MLD / LDM. She was impressed by how a really slow and light pressured massage could be so helpful for clients who had just had surgery such as lymph node removal.

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Over the 3 year course Michela gained knowledge in anatomy, physiology, dermatology and cosmetology and is qualified in a wide range of body and face treatments including waxing, nails, facials, body wrap, makeup and a variety of different types of massage such as relaxing massage, deep tissue, sport massage and manual lymphatic drainage massage MLD / LDM. In the same year Michela studied for a Level 4 course with which she gained skills and is qualified to provide Laser Hair Removal  and IPL treatment for permanent hair removal reduction and skin treatment as pigmentation, anti-aging scars, acne and more skin issues.

While Michela was studying she had internships in various beauty salons where she could get her firsts steps into the beauty industry. During the last year course Michela started working for “ Vanity Center “ where she learnt electrical body and face treatment, nail extension and nail art.

Michela moved to London in 2015 and worked in many different salons, spas and beauty clinics in and around London. Through this she has worked with many different brands and products. Michela combines her knowledge, experience and techniques gained over the years to provide individualised and tailored treatments for different body and face conditions.

During her time in the beauty industry Michela appreciated being able to practice skin care and face treatment on herself. At the beginning of her twenties, Michela experienced severe acne which made her feel really insecure. From this Michela has an invested interest in learning about everything there is to know about skin type, skin problems and the “power” of customizing the best treatment for each client depending on their concerns. She hopes that this personal experience of her own, and understanding the importance of feeling comfortable with your body and skin reflects in the environment and treatments Michela creates and offers.

She says:’ I love working with people and think that self love is the most important thing in order to love others. It makes me feel great when I give clients the chance to feel good or just time to relax in their busy lives’

Michela arrived at the bodytonic clinic in 2018 and currently works alongside osteopaths and physiotherapists. This has helped expand Michela’s knowledge regarding muscle aches and pains and posture.

Her massages are the result of all the years of experience she has and she is meticulous in making sure she leaves her clients relaxed but at the same time get relief from pain caused by muscle tension. Not only focusing on the physical but the emotional client’s condition to make sure they can have the best treatment and leave feeling fully looked after.

The beauty world has been changing and progressing so quickly and Michela’s plan for the future is to work with machines, offering electrical treatment and introducing lasers in order to offer treatment with the newest technologies for the purpose of deeper and quicker results. Michela loves working with electrical devices as she thinks they give the chance to offer long lasting results and combine them with manual treatments to achieve the client goals and expectations.

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