Mattia Venuti

Registered Osteopath and Massage Therapist


Mattia is a fully qualified Osteopath, he graduated from the University College of Osteopathy with distinction and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

Mattia’s passion and interest in Osteopathy started in his early 20’s when he decided to travel and work as a volunteer in South America over one year period. During this time, he learned how much he enjoyed being able to help others and how much this experience has enriched his life. A few years later, due to a sport related injury he was treated by an Osteopath.

This has helped him realise that osteopathy would be the perfect career, as osteopathy can provide help and support to others giving him the opportunity to fulfil his ambition.

Mattia considers himself to be a structural Osteopath and believes that having an active approach as part of the treatment plan is paramount. The techniques used during his treatments can vary and are dictated by his patients needs and expectations. Amongst these, Mattia can apply joint articulation, manipulation, soft tissue massage and sport massage. Mattia’s dissertation explored some of the  complex aspects  involved in understanding pain and the importance of using a multidisciplinary approach that can explain some of the aspects entailed with the neurophysiology of pain.

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This approach can be extremely helpful especially when patients are living with long term chronic pain such as low back and neck pain as often, despite numerous scans, an anatomical source of pain can not be identified.

Sports and an active lifestyle has always been a key feature in his life from a young age.

After having practiced Krav Maga (self defence) since 2014, he became a qualified instructor in 2019 and goes through intense levels of boxing training regularly himself, furthering his knowledge in sport recovery.

Mattia also practices spearfishing and apnea diving which consists of intense training that can involve specific diaphragmatic breathing techniques, aerobic and anaerobic exercises routines which enable him to perform longer dives. He believes that the understanding gained from his training can be helpful not only when assisting patient’s recovery from injury but also for anyone that wants to improve their fitness levels or modify their lifestyle.

During his volunteering experience in South America he had the chance to work closely with children and adolescents which is one of the main reasons he now has decided to follow up and take a postgraduate course in paediatrics. He believes this course will give him the confidence and knowledge to treat younger patients but also it will improve his understanding of the human development and how this can be used when treating adults that perhaps are carrying issues from many years.     

Mattia is also a fully qualified sport massage therapist to help him add relevant clinical experience while studying to become an osteopath. During these years he was able to refine and develop lots of useful techniques to help his patients speed up their bodies recovery post workout.

His treatment often includes giving his patients tailored exercises to help them rehabilitate from injury or preparing the body to start a new sport or activity that could increase the demand on the body.   

Generally Mattia would describe himself as a professional, committed and passionate individual that enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves being in the nature, camping and any type of outdoor activity especially when it becomes an adventure. He has a soft spot for gardening, in particular for bonsai trees. Mattia likes cooking good food, but enjoys eating it even more . He believes this characteristic originated from his Italian heritage despite the many years spent in London. During his adolescence he played football for the local team and since then enjoys playing occasionally with his friends as well as watching it as much as possible.      

Due to his travelling experiences and family roots Mattia can speak Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese (the latter perhaps a bit rusty). During his travels Mattia had the chance to meet and explore different countries and cultures that allowed him to have a realistic view and understanding over the word, appreciating the differences amongst all of as and allowed him to have an open mind. For this reasons he is able to get along with most of people and would describe himself as a people person. Mattia considers himself to be empathetic and a good listener and believes that these qualities are of fundamental importance especially when working in healthcare profession caring for his patients.      

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