Madeleine Kibbel M.Ost at bodytonic clinic

Registered Osteopath & Massage Therapist

Madeleine Kibbel MOst at bodytonic clinic

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Madeleine started her osteopathic journey in 2013 when she started attending the ICOM (International College of Osteopathic Medicine) in her home city of Milan in Italy. In 2017 Madeleine graduated with a Diploma in Osteopathy from the ICOM and she also attended the Surrey Institute / NESCOT in the same year where she completed a Masters of Osteopathy (which is part of Kingston University). Once graduated Madeleine joined the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) in the UK and started working professionally in both London and Milan.

Madeleines love for osteopathy started when she was at school where she took a huge interest in how the human body worked and then later on in her education when she became interested in medicine. Being able to help promote the healing process with her own hands and see the bodies ability to repair itself with the help from an osteopath was something that got Madeleine fascinated about Osteopathy.

While Madeleine was studying Osteopathy she also started studying to become a Massage Therapist and she achieved a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage (from Ecolife in Milan) in 2015. Madeleine is qualified to provide Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and pregnancy massage. During her studies she started working for the Four Season Hotel in Milan where she gained valuable experience treating a wide variety of guests and hotel staff. Madeleines experience as a massage therapist helped her develop her osteopathic skills during her studies helping to make her the practitioner that she is today.

“I truly believe that the two therapies (Osteopathy & Massage) can be complementary and therefore be more beneficial to the patient.”

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During Madeleine’s osteopathic training she gained a passion for Cranial Osteopathy and Cranio-sacral treatment. Her passion for this technique was so great that she became a Junior Teaching Assistant at the ICOM when she first graduated. It was during her cranial and cranio-sacral studies that she developed a love for paediatric osteopathy (treatment of babies and children) and she is also passionate about treating pregnancy and post-partum related conditions.

“It’s incredible how life inside the womb and the birthing process can affect a baby’s life and that of the mother as well. The feeling of knowing that I have helped a newborn feel better and more calm is extremely rewarding to me”

Madeleine has gained valuable experience in the field of paediatrics and has been treating babies and toddlers for over 2 years. Whilst working a bodytonic clinic Madeleine travels to Milan to continue her studies in her post-graduate certification in Paediatric Osteopathy at SOMA University Institute of Osteopathy in Milan which is twinned with the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) in London.

Overall Madeleines approach to her patients and osteopathic treatment is very holistic and fully focused on the patient’s health, ability and goals that the patient would like to achieve. She draws in her wide range of techniques to treat her patients and includes cranio-sacral, musculoskeletal, visceral* and fascial** techniques along with her vast experience as a massage therapist. After each session Madeleines aim is to help each patient outside the walls of the clinic through advice and exercises so they can maintain and prolong the effects of the treatments by themselves.

Madeleine has attended many CPD lectures and courses during and after her osteopathic studies and these include:

  • “Cranial Rhythmic Impulse, meaning of CSF fluctuation and state-of-the-art on PRM” by Prof. Yuor Moskalenko Ph.D, D.Sci – 2015
  • “Advanced anatomy training – the thorax: the mutual relations between thoracic breathing and visceral function” by Frank Willard Ph.D – 2015
  • “Advanced training in functional anatomy: the urogenital apparatus practical exercises” by Frank Willard Ph.D – 2016
  • “Nutrition and Global Health” by Prof. Reza Nassiri Ph.D – 2016-17
  • “Advanced training in functional anatomy: the autonomic nervous system of the gut” by Frank Willard Ph.D

In addition to Madeleines osteopathic work and studies she loves to chill and relax by reading (non osteopathic books!) and listening to music. Madeleines other passion is for travel and experiencing new cultures.

*Visceral osteopathic technique or manipulation is a gentle manual therapy aimed at assessing and treating the relationship between the bodies organs (such as the liver and bladder) and other structures such as the ligaments, fascia and muscles that connect to those particular organs.

**Fascial osteopathic technique or manipulation is a gentle manual therapy aimed at assessing and treating the relationship between the connective tissue which encloses and stabilises the muscles and internal organs of the human body.

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