Love your winter skin

Weather has a huge effect on our skin. When it’s cold outside and warm inside our skin lets us know!


Environ-facial-skincareWeather has a huge effect on our skin. When it’s cold outside and warm inside our skin lets us know! Winter brings strong freezing winds with icy temperatures and dry conditions inside like central heating or air cons, these all strip our skin of natural moisture. The constant shifting between different conditions can lead to red patches and excessive dead skin cells as well as putting a strain on delicate capillaries.
Some skin-care experts would confirm winter is the worst season for all skins even oily acne skins.

But what actually happens to our skin in weather like this…Dehydration!

Lack of moisture in the air and harsh changes which will cause the skin cells to dehydrate (lose water), this leaves the skin dull with crepiness, fine lines and in extreme cases scales (excessive dead skin cells) may form. This may disrupt the balance and natural protection of the skin and cause sensitivity.

dehydration-bodytonic-clinic-se16Now do not get confused with dry skin, as this is a lack of natural oils on the skin and is not directly affected by climate changes but rather something you are born with. But they do often go hand in hand and dry skin is definitely made worst by dehydration.

10% DiscountDehydration also effects oily and acne skins, so it is as important to keep the moisture levels balanced on these skins too. As the more dead skin cells (caused by dehydration) on this skin type the higher the chance of congestion and break outs.

So exfoliating the dead cells away and giving back moisture is very important for all skins.
Over exfoliating is a major problem, be careful, it can lead to sensitivity, red patches and damage capillaries. Strong abrasive exfoliators such as buffing clothes, brushes and scrubs are over used and must be monitored – our skins are not uneven plaster board that needs sanding.

Chemical exfoliation is less abrasive and very effective but also can be over used – always follow the directions! Certain acids are better for specific skin types and used in different ways (a very long and different story – stay tuned next month!!)

Beauty-Lab-Glycolic-peel-facial-at-bodytonic-clinic-SE16-SE8-E1W-E14-copy-300x228In short over exfoliation can damage our skins natural protective barrier letting all sorts of external stimuli reck havoc on them – but is a necessary process to let hydrating ingredients into the skin and prevent congestion.

So this gives a basic understanding why during these months it is important to keep the moisture levels up, dead skin cells down and the natural skin protection barrier on. Managing this can be tricky without wearing a bubble helmet but it is achievable with good products and a little effort.

Our advice is too use slightly thicker moisturising creams and serums at night to repair and hydrate and make sure you are exfoliating away and dead skin, but remember do not over do it.
Also always wear an SPF to protect.

Our winter must haves at bodytonic clinic are:

  • Environ-Skincare-Intensive-Hydrating-Capsules-bodytonic-clinic-SE16 (1)Award winning Environ Skincare Intensive Hydrating Capsules which contain a combination of Retinol, vitamins C and E -to help rejuvenate and moisturise dry and dehydrated tired skin leaving it with a silky, smooth texture. The Environ Hydrating Capsules can be used morning and evening and are suitable for all skin types especially those with dry or thin, fragile skin.
  • Environ-Revival-Masque-bodytonic-clinic-SE16Award winning Environ Revival Masque has revolutionary ingredients Asiatic, Mandelic and Lactic Acid. This formulation lowers the pH of the skin to help promote growth and hydration, rather than peeling. This product dubbed a ‘face lift in a bottle’
  • Environ-Super-Moisturiser-bodytonic-clinic-SE16 (1)The new Environ Super Moisturiser+ is a rich, luxurious cream designed to combat environmental-induced dehydration. With powerful repairing and moisturising agents, this cream is proven to replenish the skin’s moisture levels and strengthen a weakened epidermal barrier. Antioxidants help shield the skin from everyday environmental stresses. Perfect for the cold Winter months, skin is left feeling deeply nourished, soft and smooth. Suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive skin

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