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Lesley is a musculo-skeletal chartered physiotherapist / physio (both manual hands-on therapy and rehabilitation), Olympic weightlifting coach and sports massage therapist. She uses a wide variety of different treatment modalities in order to help patients of all levels and lifestyles achieve their goals and recover from their injuries.

“As a physio I combine my strength and conditioning and rehab knowledge to help patients get the best result possible. You don’t have to be into strength and conditioning as a patient as these modalities can be applied to any patient from any background and for any injury.”

Originally from Scotland, Lesley (HCPC PH121187 | CSP 109123) completed her physiotherapy degree at St George’s University in London. During this time Lesley worked in 2 outpatient clinics, trauma & orthopaedics, community respiratory and an inpatient stroke rehabilitation unit. She had an aptitude for musculoskeletal physiotherapy due to her sporting background and chose to specialise in a static NHS role immediately following graduation. Lesley worked as an NHS musculoskeletal physiotherapist in South London alongside private physiotherapy for strength athletes across London.

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During the peak of the pandemic Lesley was redeployed as a non-prescribing nurse in the high dependency respiratory unit. She spent two months expanding her knowledge of both respiratory physiotherapy and medical interventions against COVID-19. This has allowed for a wider scope of experience and knowledge.

“I love meeting new people and finding a way to empower them to exceed their own expectations. I also love working closer with different clinicians and experts in their fields. I thrive off the ability to share knowledge and learn from each other.”

Prior to pursuing a degree in physiotherapy, Lesley worked in financial services in London for several years after completing a mathematics and statistics degree from the University of Edinburgh. This allows her insight into the challenges faced by professionals working in London and the type of conditions they can present within the clinic. This can range from the stress that financial services can bring to the postural related pain and injuries as a result of prolonged sitting at work and sedentary lifestyle at home.

Alongside her work as a physiotherapist, Lesley pursues a passion as a coach in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. This gives her an awareness of the impact of stress, sleep deprivation and nutrition on all clients. It has also enhanced her ability to teach movements to any level of athlete as well as to develop a respect for the natural variety of a healthy human body. When she’s not helping others, she competes as an athlete for Scotland in Olympic Weightlifting and continues to work towards her dream of competing in the Commonwealth Games. Lesley recently won a bronze medal at the British Weighting Championships in June 2021 in London. The next Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham in 2022 and is the current goal for Lesley to achieve.

“I like to use a variety of different treatment methods in order to find the right fit for my patients. This includes sports massage, manual therapy, medical acupuncture and rehabilitation. Each treatment plan will be unique to each patient. That’s the art of physiotherapy!”

Lesley continuously strives for excellence in her practice to provide the most effective care for all patients. Lesley is looking to expand her knowledge in women’s health, pregnancy and pelvic floor related injuries. She has completed additional CPD, training and qualifications in:

  • Level 3 Sports massage – London 2016
  • British Weightlifting Level 1 coaching – Edinburgh 2016
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer – London 2016
  • Functional Integrated dry needling – London 2017
  • British weightlifting level 2 coaching Certificate – London 2018
  • British weightlifting technical official license – London 2019
  • Ronin Strength Weightlifting Coaching Workshop – London 2019
  • Wisdom 4 Weightlifting Coaching CPD course – London 2020
  • Principles of Level 3 Life Support Care – London 2021
  • COVID-19 Respiratory Physiotherapy Update – Virtual 2021
  • Therapy Live Pelvic Health – Virtual 2021
  • British Bronze Medalist 2021 64kg Weightlifter
  • Scotland Team Weightlifter 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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