Konstantinos (Kostas) Pitoglou

Registered Osteopath and Massage Therapist



Konstantinos is a registered Osteopath and massage therapist originally from Athens in Greece. Konstantinos was fascinated by the human body from a young age as an athlete, which led him to a career path in health and wellbeing. This passion increased through his participation as a semi-professional basketball player in Greece and his love of mixed martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Jiu-Jitsu and Karate.

This journey brought him to the UK and to Swansea in Wales where he studied for his Masters in Osteopathy at Swansea University. Whilst studying, Konstantinos kept up his love of sports and activities including and when he returned to Greece for holidays he worked as an independent soft tissue massage therapist providing sport massage and deep tissue massage back in Athens.

“I have a passion for sports and a fascination for human biology which is why healthcare and wellness really interests me. My basketball skills have taught me to work as a team and my martial arts have taught me to have discipline, calmness and mental awareness”

Having gained his Masters in Osteopathy Konstantinos registered with the General Osteopathic Council (a government regulated body which all osteopaths are legally required to be registered with) and he started his career as an Osteopath.

Konstantinos also provides sports massage, deep tissue massage and Kinesiology taping (K-Taping) in addition to his osteopathic treatments. During his studies Konstantinos developed a huge interest in the cranial field, paediatrics and pregnancy which became a key point of his dissertation and research project in his final year of studies at Swansea University.

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His interest in the cranial field grew so much that he completed the M1 Foundation course at the Sutherland Cranial College in 2020. Following this Konstantinos has undertaken postgraduate training in Paediatric Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC).

He has obtained the Award in Paediatric Osteopathy (APO) and continues to volunteer at the OCC alongside very experienced osteopaths seeing a variety of paediatric patients from babies to teenagers and pre & post partum mums. Konstantinos is looking to continue his studies with the OCC in order to obtain the well respected Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO).

Since working Konstantinos has developed his skills working as an osteopath and uses a structural approach using a combination of soft tissue techniques, visceral techniques, cranial technique, joint mobilisation and articulation as well as HVT and manipulation as part of his osteopathic treatment. Konstantinos’ previous experience of working in the NHS and University clinic allowed him to grow and develop his passion for helping people using Osteopathy in a holistic way, targeting all aspects of their lifestyle and adjusting his techniques to best suit each individual.

His approach involves working in partnership with the patients, creating goals and targeting the causation and not the symptoms to achieve the desired outcomes. He is a great advocate of general health and wellbeing and continues to further develop his skills and knowledge by attending seminars and courses specific to osteopathy and wellbeing.

“Helping patients achieve their goals and live their best lives is what drives me in my work as an osteopath. I love to collaborate with patients to help them through with injuries so that they can continue with their everyday lives.”

When I am not working I still continue to practice my mixed martial arts, I love to play basketball and I also have a passion for Freediving. Freediving is a recognized extreme sport, has helped me develop a solid mental state and has taught me to focus, relax and have a dynamic calmness in every situation. Konstantinos started Freediving in Greece and continues to Freedive when he returns home and he currently he Freedives to 34m. Apart from basketball, Freediving and mixed martial arts, Konstantinos is also a keen crossfit attendee (a form of high intensity interval training made up of functional movements) and also loves reading, cooking and completing online courses.

To maintain his continued professional development (CPD), Konstantinos has attended several courses and lectures which have helped him to remain up to date with the latest clinical updates:

  • M1: Foundation Course Pathway to Fellowship Module 1 (CPD 16 hours) (Sutherland Cranial College 1st & 2nd February 2020) – United Kingdom
  • Qualified in Kinesiology Taping in Sports & Advanced and Combined Taping (Sporttape 10th & 11th November 2018) – United Kingdom
  • Qualified in First Aid (Primary and Secondary & Emergency Oxygen Provider) – United Kingdom
  • Qualified Soft Tissue Therapist through M.Ost course – Swansea
  • Alexander Technique & Feldenkrais Workshop (26/01/2020) – United Kingdom
  • Qualified Master Freediver (PADI July 2019) – Greece

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