Mr. Joe Gaynor BSc (Hons)

Osteopath and Massage Therapist


Joseph Gaynor achieved a master’s degree from the University College of Osteopathy; prior to this he studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham. He was initially attracted to Osteopathy through his own sporting injuries, having a 10 year history of competing in track and field, specialising in 400 and 800 metres. Now in practice he uses a combination of his personal experience and his friendly and professional attitude always aiming to optimise patient’s health.

Joseph has experience in treating a wide range of patients, from office workers to athletes, and each session is tailored specifically for the patient. Through treatment and individual management plans Joseph always aims to restore patient confidence, and enjoys being part of the journey back to optimal health.

Joseph has also been a Sport massage therapist since 2013, mainly dealing with athletes ranging from recreational to international level. He believes that Sport massage is not just for the sportsperson, anyone can benefit from treatment. He uses a range of techniques during his treatment and is passionate in Sport massage being incorporated into a training regime to achieve success.

Joseph is also fully qualified in Pregnancy massage Deep Tissue. He aims to provide a comfortable and effective treatment to relieve aches and pains in this exciting time of Pregnancy.

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