Jamil (Jamie) Feraiha

Registered Osteopath and massage therapist


Jamie is a qualified osteopath and registered with the general osteopathic council. Jamie gained a Masters with honours in Osteopathy from Swansea University in Wales. Since an early age, Jamie has always been active and enjoyed playing various sports where he grew most fond of combining basketball and weight training to better himself as a keen basketball player. Throughout the years of playing basketball he and those around him had experienced many injuries, which prompted him to pursue osteopathy as he wanted to help manage his injuries along with others. Through education and prior personal experience, his understanding of the biopsychosocial aspects of any minor/major injuries allows him to appreciate the extent of any injury and adjust treatments towards the specific needs of each patient.

“My passion for osteopathy comes from my love of sports (especially basketball) and the many injuries that I had picked up which were successfully treated with osteopathy. The more times I visited the osteopath the more I wanted to become one.”

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Jamil (Jamie) Feraiha registered osteopath London bodytonic clinic

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Jamie grew up in the UAE, Lebanon and Canada as a child and teenager. Having lived overseas with little to no options to study osteopathy there, his passion towards the field had encouraged him to move abroad to Swansea, Wales to embark on an extensive four year integrated Master’s course in Osteopathy. In addition to the detailed course modules studied at Swansea University, Jamie gained valuable clinical experience at the two student-lead university clinics treating a range of patients that varied in complexity. Under the guidance of the highly proficient course tutors, his clinical knowledge and skills were further developed to yield better patient health outcomes and to do so safely. Amidst prioritizing his studies, he remained active at the gym and played for the Swansea University Men’s first basketball team. Growing up overseas and encountering many international cultures has allowed him to attain the ability to continuously adapt communication skills, and work more efficiently and respectfully with others of any given background.

“I love meeting and treating people from all different cultures. London and the UK is a multicultural place to be and as an osteopath you not only get a varied range of injuries and pathologies walk through the door, you also get people walk in from all walks of life. It’s an amazing and rewarding profession to be in.”

Additional to his osteopathic treatment, Jamie is also able to offer Kinesiology taping and dry needling. He enjoys treating all health issues of patients of any age, with a particular interest in chronic and sports-related aspects of health. As an osteopath Jamie has embraced the holistic nature of osteopathic treatment and ensures it is implemented to encourage the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms. His approach to patient management consists of encouraging patients to be involved in their own care as well, to promote a combined effort at improving the issue at hand. He is also a strong believer in continuously adding further education to his management and treatment of patients to best improve and maintain their health, whilst ensuring his attitude is consistently respectful and professional.

“My aim as an osteopath is to take a holistic view of your health and to work with you to achieve and maintain your goals of living life pain free and with the best movement possible. I will tailor a treatment plan individual to you and to suit you to get you back to your optimal health.”

When he is not in work Jamie loves to travel around the world and to see family overseas. He also continues to play basketball and loves to socialise with friends and explore all that London has to offer. Jamie continuously strives for excellence in his practice to provide the most effective care for all patients. Jamie is looking to continue to expand his knowledge in sports related exercise management, diagnostic imaging and pregnancy related injuries. He has completed additional CPD, training and qualifications in:

  • Kinesiology Taping – Sportstape Academy April 2019
  • Medical Acupuncture – Xercise4less Gym March 2019
  • Axial Spondyloarthritis – Educate and Advocate Training April 2021

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