Heidi Purdon-Fraser

Registered Massage Therapist


Heidi is a massage therapist who specialises in sports massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and indian head massage. Since holding a tennis racket at the age of four, Heidi has always been interested in sport, but it wasn’t until recent years has she developed a passion for massage and rehabilitation. Since then she has studied physiology of the anatomy, the principles of health and fitness, soft tissue dysfunction and took a particular interest in the muscular-skeletal side of her studying.

During Heidi’s sports massage studies with Active iQ she completed modules in anatomy & physiology, principles of health & fitness, principles of soft tissue dysfunction and professional practice in sports massage. Heidi found all the modules really interesting and further increased her passion for massage.

“Massage has always interested me and I had always wanted to train as a massage therapist. I love helping patients and assisting them in achieving their goals. I really enjoy the varied presentations that massage brings from sports injuries to those who wish to relax and destress.”

Heidi started her massage career working in one of the leading chiropractic clinic in Bristol. The knowledge and experience gained whilst working with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals in a multidisciplinary clinic setting was invaluable. Heidi gained specific experience in treating both simple and complex work and sports related injuries. Since then Heidi recently moved to London to further her career in the field of work that she loves.

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Bio continued

Qualified in a number of massage types, Heidi offers a wide range of treatments that can provide pain relief both physically and holistically. As well as using her skills, and experience, Heidi believes that working with her clients, taking into account everyone’s individual needs and requirements is the most effective way to achieve the best results both for short and long term. Her passion focuses on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a pain free lifestyle, regardless, and aims to employ this belief into her work. This holistic approach is one of the many reasons why Heidi loves massage and enables her to help patients in a more dynamic way.

“Viewing patients in a holistic way is really helpful in order to improve patient and customer outcomes. Being in a multidisciplinary team also allows me to thrive in a holistic environment. Observing and learning from other professionals is really inspiring and helps me to further my own learning.”

After completing her training Heidi joined the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). The FHT is the largest professional association for complimentary, holistic beauty and sports therapists and was established in 1962. Due to Heidi’s FHT membership she is able to provide treatments for those who hold cash plan insurance policies such as Healthshield, Westfield Health, BUPA Cash Plan and Medicash.

Other than her passion for sports & holistic massage, Heidi has many interests outside of helping patients to get better. To keep fit Heidi loves playing tennis especially when the weather is dry and sunny. Additionally Heidi loves writing and all things musical. Now that Heidi has moved to London she is super excited about discovering what the big city has to offer. In particular all the walks and parks in and around London as well as all the markets such as Camden and Spitalfields.

“I’m looking forward to exploring London so if you’ve any recommendations then I’d be more than happy to go with them.”

Heidi has attended many CPD lectures and courses during and after her massage studies in order to maintain and develop her knowledge. These include:

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Click here for Terms and Conditions. 10% discount not available on Osteopathy, MSK PhysiotherapyFoot health, Laser Hair Removal, Shockwave Therapy or medical treatments.