George Russell

Registered Osteopath and massage therapist


George is a G.OsC (General Osteopathic Council) registered osteopath and sports massage therapist. He graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly BSO) in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Osteopathy.

George’s career and passion for Osteopathy started in his late 20s after having worked in the cycle industry for a number of years where he performed cycle fitting sessions with athletes who wanted to optimise their position on the bike in order to improve their cycling performance or alter their position as a result of injury or injury rehabilitation.

During this time George was cycling long distances on a regular basis and encountered a number of sports-related injuries. He sought the skills of an osteopath for a knee injury after having tried various other musculoskeletal practitioners.

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“I very quickly became aware that Osteopathy is so much more than just simply treating the presenting symptoms and more about the body in its entirety, despite me thinking that my issue was solely a knee problem. My hips, ankles, and spine all played a major role in providing the right environment for my knee to recover. The interventions that the practitioner used ranged from soft tissue mobilisation, spinal manipulation, rehabilitation exercises, and education, which resulted in an all-encompassing treatment plan – something I wasn’t expecting to receive”.

It was this treatment that sparked George’s interest in pursuing osteopathy as a career and not just as a means to aid his various cycling ailments. George spent a total of 5 years studying at the UCO (then BSO). From juggling a full-time job and studying part-time at the weekends and in the evenings to fully immersing himself in the full-time M.Ost program at the UCO.

During his training, he was able to work within a number of clinical settings including a busy London-based GP surgery, Royal Free Hospital and other specialist clinics for chronic pain, the elderly, the homeless and those suffering from the MSK effects of HIV and related medication. Learning how to apply a wide variety of osteopathic skills and knowledge to such a diverse range of patients highlighted just how broad the scope of osteopathic treatment can be.

Since graduating George has worked in a number of multidisciplinary clinics and has been able to treat a wide variety of patients from young adults to the elderly, recreational sports people to Olympic gold medalists. George fully embraces the osteopathic holistic approach when it comes to treating all his patients which allows him to incorporate a variety of treatment approaches tailored to the needs of individual patients and their treatment aims and goals.

“The patient interaction side of osteopathy is a component that I really enjoy. Gaining a rapport and building trust is a large part of my treatment aim. I believe it can really help to gain a thorough understanding of patient goals and setbacks and how we best approach treatment together.”

The Biopsychosocial model is therefore a large component of his osteopathic approach. Emotions and beliefs around the cause of pain and the outcome that can be achieved can have a large impact on the overall outcome of treatment. Neglecting to address this may result in being a barrier to a full recovery

Throughout his career, George has always returned to the osteopathic principles of analysing the body as a whole to identify areas of overuse, underuse, and adaptability, that he experienced as a patient himself. Not only does he look at the structure and function of joint mobility but he also looks at visceral techniques that may help. Visceral osteopathy is an area that George has found fascinating since graduating. The visceral technique was covered in George’s training and is an area of the body and osteopathic spectrum that he would like to explore more and is looking to enrol in the Barral Institute of Osteopathic manipulation course next year.

“The viscera or soft internal organs and ligaments of the body is often an area forgotten or bypassed when it comes to what we think manual therapy encompasses but paying attention to such areas can have a huge effect on the function of other areas of the body”.

Along with this George is looking to complete a dry needling course with the British Medical Acupuncture Society later this year. George has done numerous Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses over the years with one of his favourites being a course surrounding the treatment of TMJD (Temporomandibular Disorder) and another being a talk by one of his old tutors, Dr Oliver Thompson, on the importance of language and how the use of certain phrases or words can hugely impact a patients experience and potentially their outcomes from treatment and assessment. George is enthusiastic about pushing osteopathy and himself as a practitioner and so the scope for learning throughout his career is a side to the job that George cherishes and enjoys.

Outside of work, George loves to get out into the countryside on his gravel bike exploring new bridleways and cafes as often as possible with the large cycle community he is a part of in South West London and Surrey

“I love getting off the busy roads and onto the plethora of bridleways close to where I live. It feels like you could be in the middle of nowhere until you pop out onto a familiar road and generally remark – oh I know where we are!’

He also enjoys booking after his many houseplants (his newest edition being a Chinese elm bonsai) and exploring the growing number of vegan restaurants London has to offer.

“Happy to give any recommendations if wanted!”

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