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Filippo Rambelli

Registered Osteopath ​

Filippo is an osteopath who moved from Italy to London when he was 20. Ever since the move he has been living in London and studying in various fields, such as training to become a personal trainer, elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Osteopathy. He has always been passionate about the adaptable capabilities of the human body. In 2011 he had his first fitness experience in Italy working as Fitness Instructor. In 2016 He qualified as Personal Trainer, and worked at Pure Gym and Energy Fitness in London. During this period he also studied a Traditional Chinese Medicine Masters for a year where he learned the multidisciplinary treatments methods.
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In 2022, he completed his Master Degree from the University College of Osteopathy, formerly the British School of Osteopathy, where he learned both a structural approach to treatment as well as the biopsychosocial model and its importance. In future he would like to enrol in a post graduate courses such as Academic teaching and Sport Medicine.

Prior to healthcare Filippo worked in gyms, hospitality and even security.

Filippo was inspired to enrol in his Masters degree in osteopathy when he had his first own experience of receiving physical therapy at a chiropractic clinic, which helped him to understand the benefits of receiving spinal manipulations and improved his knowledge about pain management. Since then, he has never stopped learning and improving his skills as a practitioner.

In the last few years he enjoyed practising privately Physical manual Therapy. He describes this experience as a highly rewarding time for professional growth and positive client interactions. Mostly he enjoyed seeing the positive outcomes of tailored treatment plans, which he delivered across a wide demographic clientele, from teenegers to elderly patients.

During his personal practice and study for his degree, he developed a high level of expertise in terms of technical abilities, clinical diagnosis and interpersonal communication.

Furthermore, his experience as Personal Trainer and sport enthusiast took him through a 360 degrees view of the capabilities of the human body and its unique individuality.

Specifically, he learned the role of individual different beliefs and how they contribute to our quality of life and wellbeing expectations. This helps him to integrate his professional personality within the Osteopathic role.

Prior to coming to work at bodytonic clinic he worked as an Osteopath in central London, where he put in practice all the skills learned in the past, and consolidated his identity as Osteopath.

Filippo’s personal expertise in delivering treatment, is to provide strategies for chronic and acute musculoskeletal cases, and manage the maintaining core factors that affects the patient experience of pain. Although his first approach is using manual therapy, he always works towards a tailored exercise and stretching protocol to integrate around patient lifestyle. He is a strong believer of educating the patient along the way, helping to negotiate their goals and expectations with the practical daily routine requirements for their issues.

His experience in musculoskeletal issues come from managing cases of low back, neck, shoulder, knees and wrist issues. Furthermore, he can manage those issues within complex cases such as Fibromialgia, Strokes, Rehabilitation after surgery and Rehabilitation after coma.

His orientation towards each patient is to improve and regain all the possible physical functions overcoming what stands on the way towards their optimal health.

Part of his passion for physical therapy is related to his personal history of injuries, and current pain self management. During his sports life he sustained multiple injuries such as fractured bones, sprained ligaments, muscles and tendon tears, and spinal related issues. All of which he managed to recover from, with disciplined rehabilitation and physical treatment. During this process he became aware about the countless strategies to overcome physical related issues and pain management.

In the future he would like to travel abroad practising Osteopathy around the world, and complete further study in medicine science, so as to become a Doctor or a Paramedic.

He would one day like to open his own practice in his native Italy, dedicating his free time working with and volunteering for Charity organisations, which deliver Osteopathy and Health Care services in developing countries globally. One of his greatest aspirations would be to fully commit to a charity organisation that delivers medical services to those around the world who need it most.

Outside of Osteopathy, Filippo has many interests and hobbies.
In the last few years he enjoyed travelling, primarily in Europe, but his favourite place is back home in Italy where he likes to enjoy the warm weather, good food and the beautiful seaside locations.

In the UK he enjoys spending his free time in nature such as the forest, countryside, and along the coast. He likes trekking and cycling around Richmond Park and surrounding areas as well as along the Thames River.

His vocation is to find and apply all the possible strategies to maintain and improve my wellbeing, such as stretching, nutrition and breathing methods. He is passionate about sports and human performances. He finds inspiration following athletes’ challenges, such as ultramarathons in extreme environments, something he aspires to take part in himself. Although he is yet to start the training or plan for such an event!

His personal background in sports include: martial arts, water polo, free climbing, crossffit, running, cycling, hiking, yoga, and triathlons (particularly Ironmans).
When it comes to rest, this is what he would describe he is best at! He spends his free time cooking some good Italian food recipes and enjoying fine wines, all in the presence of great company.
In addition to his native Italian, he speaks fluent English and Spanish

Additional course and training that Filippo has undertaken:
Cranial Sacral therapy, level 1, 2022, University College of Osteopathy London.
Visceral manipulation, level 1, 2022, University College of Osteopathy London.
Fascia release
Advanced spinal manipulation, 2022, University College of Osteopathy London.
Dry Needling / Medical Acupuncture Course, 2022, Today CPD.

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