Eleonora Sansoni MOst

Registered Osteopath and Pilates instructor


Eleonora is an Osteopath and Pilates instructor. She is very passionate about her job and she is a firm believer that each person has its own uniqueness and should be treated as such. She has a holistic approach to treatment which seeks to identify and treat the cause of the presenting problem, rather than focusing only on relieving the symptoms. Eleonora mainly uses hands-on techniques although she can sometimes give advice on lifestyle and exercise.

Eleonora graduated from the British School of Osteopathy and then went on to complete a postgraduate course in Traditional Osteopathic Methods which enhances the concept of ‘whole’: a specific treatment enables the body to restore posture and homeostasis, improve health and reduce pain.

Her training in rehabilitative care progressed from her original training as a fitness instructor and Pilates trainer. She has been teaching Pilates Matwork classes and apparatus sessions on a individual and Group basis for the last 11 years in Italy, Australia and now in the UK. Eleonora believes that Pilates is not just about flexibility or strength, it’s about awareness, knowing what and how you are doing to get the most from any of the many movements you make every single day.

The need for a even more comprehensive approach to health lead Eleonora to seek further knowledge and answers into nutrition. Her personal experience in dealing with a skin condition resulted into a deep interest in how a balanced diet can have a positive impact on our general health and enrolled to a 3 year diploma in nutritional therapy (she will graduate in July 2019).

Eleonora has previously worked as a physiotherapist in Italy for 6 years where she gained experience on patients pre and post surgery, rehabilitative care and massage. She also qualified in the Mezieres method, a whole body approach that focuses on restoring the patient’s function and a pain free movement through specific postural techniques designed to elongate the posterior myofascial chain and encourage neutral spine alignment.

Eleonora speaks fluent English and Italian. She is also registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and is fully insured.

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