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Cayleigh Stefano

Registered Osteopath

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Cayleigh Stefano

Cayleigh is a qualified and registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. She holds a Master’s degree from Nescot, in Epsom, Surrey.

While she is still in the early stages of her career, her dedication to the vocation is already positively impacting the lives of her patients. Cayleigh brings a fresh, enthusiastic approach, blending foundational knowledge and technical skills to address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. She frequently addresses a range of concerns, including lower back pain, neck discomfort, joint issues, headaches, sports-related injuries, and posture-related discomfort. Additionally, she has experience in managing conditions like osteoarthritis. She demonstrates proficiency in utilising various assessment and treatment techniques, such as soft tissue manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), articulation and mobilisation, and high-velocity low-amplitude thrusts. Additionally, she provides tailored exercise prescriptions to complement the therapeutic process

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  • Registration number GOsC 11515

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This genuine passion for helping others sets Cayleigh on a path to becoming a highly skilled and compassionate practitioner, poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of osteopathy. Her journey into osteopathy was sparked by her struggle with physical well-being. This pivotal moment ignited her desire to pursue a profession celebrating the intricate interconnectedness of the body while adhering to evidence-based practices.

In addition to her osteopathic training, Cayleigh holds a sports massage qualification that she obtained in 2021. A significant portion of her massage experience was gained at a prominent chiropractic clinic in Surrey, where she worked in a dynamic, multidisciplinary setting. Here, Cayleigh not only shared patients with chiropractors but also had the opportunity to independently oversee her patients. This collaborative environment allowed for a collective approach towards patient care, working together to develop and implement comprehensive treatment plans that guided patients through their journey, ultimately leading to maintenance care. This environment not only exposed Cayleigh to diverse cases but also challenged her clinically, and has contributed to her improving her patient management and care as an osteopath.

Cayleigh’s professional journey also includes a background in the hospitality industry. This experience refined her ability to provide exceptional, individualised service to a wide-ranging clientele. Whether in-person or through virtual interactions, Cayleigh consistently prioritised guest comfort, well-being, and overall satisfaction. This customer-focused background solidified her commitment to excellence and creating positive, memorable experiences for those she serves. This experience has also proven to be highly transferable to her approach in an osteopathic setting, clearly evident in the way she communicates with her patients.

In her current professional phase, Cayleigh is dedicated to ongoing education and professional development. She actively seeks out CPD courses and workshops to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. This commitment to learning ensures that she remains well-equipped to provide the highest standard of care to her patients. Cayleigh is dedicated to gaining diverse experience and expertise in addressing a range of musculoskeletal issues. She aims to build her confidence, manual therapy experience, and clinical skills as a practitioner before shifting her focus to further specialise in other areas. Cayleigh envisions delving deeper into the realms of women’s health, chronic pain, and specialised healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community, seeking to enhance her knowledge and expertise in these areas. She recognises the distinct challenges and considerations in these areas and is committed to offering sensitive, inclusive, and effective care to all individuals.

Cayleigh’s approach to patient care is grounded in her genuine desire to enhance their quality of life. She aims to personalise treatment plans that address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of discomfort and limitations. Through collaborative teamwork, Cayleigh empowers her patients with the knowledge and techniques they need for self-care and long-lasting well-being.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cayleigh’s personal interests provide a more rounded view of the nurturing, caring individual behind the practitioner. Cayleigh is deeply rooted in her family values, and always cares for and supports her loved ones. This extends not only to her close-knit family, but also to her wide circle of friends. Known for her generous nature, Cayleigh is quick to lend a helping hand and brings a vibrant sense of humor to her interactions. With a background in amateur stage theatre and classical singing training, Cayleigh has a rich history in the performing arts. Her accomplishments on stage, including awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, showcase her talent and dedication to the craft. Cayleigh’s hometown, Cape Town, holds a special place in her heart. She has a deep love for swimming and the ocean, which reflects her strong connection to the coastal city. The towering mountains that have always been a part of her landscape provide a sense of comfort and inspiration. This bond with nature has given Cayleigh a deep appreciation for the world around her. Proudly South African, she carries the vibrant spirit of her homeland in all aspects of her life.

“I’m thrilled to embark on my journey as an osteopath in London. The prospect of working in such a vibrant and diverse city fills me with anticipation. London’s populace comprises individuals from various cultural, social, and economic backgrounds, each with their unique healthcare needs. This diversity will provide me with invaluable experience, allowing me to adapt my approach to cater to a wide range of conditions and circumstances. Additionally, the cosmopolitan nature of the city offers a rich tapestry of experiences, enhancing my understanding of the intricate interplay between lifestyle, environment, and musculoskeletal health. It’s an exciting prospect, and I’m eager to contribute to the well-being of this dynamic community.”

In choosing Cayleigh, you’re not only selecting a skilled practitioner but also a caring advocate dedicated to your health and well-being. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her genuine compassion, makes her a trusted partner in your journey toward optimal health and vitality. With Cayleigh, you’re in capable, caring hands.

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Bupa AXA PRUHAELTH AVIVA Simplyhealth Cigna WPA at bodytonic clinic- London SE16 SE8 E15 E14 E20 E1W SE8 SE1 E1 Canada Water Wapping Stratford Bermondsey Canary Wharf Olympic Village Deptford London Bridge Leyton

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