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Benjamin is an Australian trained Osteopath who studied his Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University and recently moved to London. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Benjamin loved playing his national sport AFL and that meant he encountered multiple injuries throughout his life. This is what sparked his passion for manual therapy.

“Being injured is more than just being in pain, it can mean being afraid to return or feel like you can’t hit those speeds and skills like you did before, but I have learnt that doesn’t have to be the case”.

Growing up with a long list of injuries, Benjamin’s passion for healthcare continued to grow and adapt until he realised his calling was in the industry. Once realised, he immersed himself in the area doing work experience with surgeons, physios, and sports trainers until he found Osteopathy. That’s where he saw his future as it incorporated his love and appreciation for the complexity of healthcare and mental health.

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Throughout his training he was taught the importance of a holistic view of treatment and patient management ensuring all aspects of life are considered and long-lasting effects can be achieved. Incorporating both hands on treatment with rehabilitation, Benjamin aims to not only help reduce pain but help achieve individualised goals in life.

After completing his degree, he worked in a private clinic in Elsternwick, Melbourne, working with a range of people from the ages of 10-84. The clinic included four osteopaths, two acupuncturists, a myotherapist and lymphatic manual therapist providing a strong foundation to build on holistic healthcare and the understanding of different therapies. He developed a special interest in managing more complex conditions and chronic pain along with headaches, migraines, frozen shoulders, and Achilles tendinopathies. Some of the most common conditions Benjamin managed included neck and back pain often associated with work, osteoarthritis of the knees and hips and he also obtained fantastic results with most of his lower back pain patients.

In Australia, Benjamin worked with one of the most successful AFL teams, Carlton who compete in the national sport all around the country. He managed to work with both the men’s and women’s teams where he gained mentorship and knowledge from the supporting staff including physiotherapists, doctors and high-performance trainers while managing elite footballers through injuries. Working with the elite, in a high pressure industry taught Benjamin how to improve his quick thinking and understanding of what it takes to be an elite athlete.

The range of experience expands with his work in aged care helping those incapable of living independently through complex chronic conditions including Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia. Benjamin was headhunted by an allied health provider to begin working with the elderly. This developed Benjamin’s passion to help those who have lived with long lasting pain and seeing their faces when they see the improvement he says, “is the most incredible and inspiring thing”. After becoming involved in the aged care setting, Benjamin’s passion to help people only grew as he could see the greater impact he could have on people’s lives.

Over the last two years, Benjamin has been heavily involved in the disability sector in Australia both as a volunteer and as a support worker providing meaningful experiences for those with additional needs. As a volunteer with Flying Fox, he led teams of people who took those with additional needs away for up to a week and even hosted an online collaboration with the UK organisation Yellow Submarine. His work within the disability industry has provided him with a variety of different communication tools and life skills which allow for the most effective communication, regardless of any additional needs. “Inclusivity in the healthcare setting needs to be addressed and my goal is to help involve everyone in their journey to a healthy life”

In more recent times, Benjamin has included treating the fascial system which can often go forgotten and has added an element to his management which his patients love and appreciate. After some time off university and study, getting back into the classroom was a breath of fresh air as Benjamin undertook a dry needling and cupping course at the start of 2022. These two techniques are now frequently used to assist his patients in achieving the best results possible.

As a keen learner, Benjamin is looking to expand further into Pilates and the management of pregnant patients while also providing educational courses for healthcare professionals to assist in their management of those with a disability.

“I became an Osteopath to make a difference in people’s lives and help improve the wider community’s quality of life. As I dive further into the industry, my passion continues to grow and the relationships with my patients mean more each visit.”

In his free time, Benjamin loves to watch sports of all kinds, meet new people, see live music (especially jazz), or just sit at a café and watch the world roll past. After living through the longest lockdown in the world (262 days since March 2020!) during the pandemic, Benjamin is moving to London to complete his life goal of living independently in a new country to build a new life! He loves to travel and hopes to fill his passport with stamps from all over Europe while also filling his life with meaningful experiences allowing him to grow as a professional and personally.

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