Adam Bourjij M.Ost

Registered Osteopath and massage therapist


Adam Bourjij achieved a master’s degree from the University College of Osteopathy; prior to finishing his course in London, he started it in Nice, France, at the Atman Osteopathic Campus, specialising in a cranial approach of Osteopathy. He was initially attracted to Osteopathy through his interest for sports and the treatment and management of sporting injuries in football, rugby, basketball or track field athletics.

For the past year, Adam has been the lead osteopath for the London United Basketball teams and the Wasps FC men’s rugby teams. In practice he uses his past professional experience and his dual past learning experience in France and in London to adapt his treatment to the individual, always aiming to optimise the patient’s health, with a friendly and professional attitude.

Adam also graduated with a Sports Massage therapy degree, which serves him in his understanding of the human body and with his technique skills. He believes that Sports Massage is not only beneficial for sports persons but also for a wider range of general population and tries to incorporate it into a training regime or a treatment, when appropriate, to achieve a success on the path to recovery and full health.

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